Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Unwanted guest ....

The beauty of living in Texas is crisp autumn days like today -- left for work and it was about 50 degrees, a bit chilly but felt refreshing .... coming home from work it was 86 degrees, sunny; one of those days you enjoy being outside! But, one of the crazy things about living in Texas is sometimes having an unwanted guest visit your house; we have been visited by little lizards, big lizards, June bugs, and a few weeks ago I had a Praying Mantis visit me in the breakfast nook!  About 30 minutes ago I really had something visit me that freaked me out a bit!

I was chatting on the phone with my mom and walked into the bathroom to go through to the closet to put some things away and all of a sudden something lunged at my foot! I said to my mom "gotta go -- there's a SNAKE in my bathroom!" YEP ... he was a little over a foot long and feisty! He lunged at me for no REASON! Since I love watching shows on Animal Planet, History and Discovery, I felt I have acquired skills from watching these shows to try wrangling him up! So I slowly opened the closet door got out a cardboard box that I had stored and a grabbed a plain old wire hanger. I put the hanger down toward the snake and he climbed on. I then put the hanger in the box and wiggled it a bit and he fell right into the box. TADA!

I sure hope he stays outside tonight! He is now in the front garden and hopefully he has a good night of sleep or catching bugs or finds his way into someone else's home! He better have learned his lesson not MESS WITH ME!


Crawling up the side of the box!
I better get him outside ... he really was feisty!
This is wear slithery snakes belong -- in the GARDEN!

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