Sunday, March 30, 2014


I saw some beautiful scenery while I was in Tucson at the Festival of Books .... BUT -- I also ate some awesome food ....
Before I got on the plane in Dallas, I sat at Dunkin' Donuts and had a Coconutty Donut and a cappuccino. Glad I had something -- my flight didn't even give me a smidgeon of peanuts!

When I arrived at my hotel ... I was famished! I didn't want to rent a car or take a cab anywhere -- so I went exploring. Snapping pictures of cacti on my way, BUT, I was also on a journey to find some GRUB! I decided I would walk two miles max! I finally got to a major intersection and found a few chain food places. I was glad I turned the corner and walked a little further and found ....

Jerry Bob's restaurant. I saw police officers, military personnel, and LOTS of people going inside. And -- I'm glad I went in as well! I had 3 eggs, hash browns and toast for $2.50. It was inexpensive and really good!!!!

I trekked the 1.25 miles back to the hotel, grabbed my Kindle and went to sit by the pool to read. Can you say TOTALLY RELAXING!!!  Just what I needed.

Decided I would just go right across the street to another hotel for dinner. J+J Bar & Grill. Walked in and it smelled heavenly! (they were not open for breakfast / lunch) if you wonder why I walked so far earlier!
I ordered an appetizer for dinner and was glad I picked this one.
There was bruschetta, pork pate, tomatoes, fresh mozzarella,
fried fresh mozzarella, greens, and shrimp cocktail! 
I wanted to eat a little lighter dinner, so I could treat myself to dessert ....
YES ... It really was THAT HUGE
A HOT caramel sundae with fresh whipped cream and toasted almonds.
I did NOT finish it all -- but it was

Went back to my hotel and ... I slept like a BABY! Got up and had some coffee and caught a cab to the FESTIVAL! My cab driver was really nice and knew exactly where to drop me off so that I didn't have to walk to far to the Children's Area of the Festival .... I walked around and checked out many of the tents, did some PD workshops, and then was HUNGRY! I was intrigued by the ORBITS tent ... Their sign was adorable ....
 ... $3.50 for 12 mini sugar donuts and they were MINI--bite size and HOT AND FRESH! The minis and a large unsweet iced tea HIT THE SPOT!

I finished up and walked back to the children's tent area -- I got there right in time to claim my spot!

It was a great day of book selling ... so when my time in the booth was over, I decided I would check out the food area -- eat my dinner, go back to the hotel and S L E E P!

I found Renee's Organic Oven and even though I asked for 1 slice ... the Festival was almost over for the day and she gave me two slices! It was really good!!  After only eating MINI donuts all day ... some REAL food hit the spot!
As I was sitting there enjoying my ZA and watching all the people, I spied a GELATO tent!
I ordered a SMALL Sea Salt Caramel / Chocolate Gelato
Another WINNER!
Thanks Tucson & University of Arizona for hosting the Tucson Festival of Books
and thanks to all the amazing restaurants for
bringing pleasure to my palette!!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Little Book Lover

Here is MAEVE .... one of my little fans reading about Muffin. Thanks Judy for sharing!

If you have pictures of your little ones enjoying Muffin's
books, send them to
and you could see them here!

Monday, March 24, 2014

TUCSON sites ...

 Got this while I was having some
                                  coffee before my flight.
Spring break is a distant memory ... but on March 14, I hopped an American Airlines flight bright and early and headed West-to-Tucson to participate in the Tucson Festival of Books. From take-off to touch-down it was exactly 35 minutes on my watch ... a MIRACLE (don't ya love going back in time!)  I arrived in Tucson nice and early and was able to do what I love to do .... go     E X P L O R I N G!

I went exploring, what did I see?
I saw some cool cacti beckoning me!
I went exploring, what did I see?
A beautiful pink cactus crawling towards me!
I went exploring, what did I see?

A chunk out of a cacti, made it look SCARY!

I went exploring, what did I see?
A cactus that looks like a sea anomene!

I went exploring, what did I see?

Not sure if it's a bush or a tree?

I went exploring, what did I see?

 Mountains in the distance welcoming me ....

DAY 1 of my trip to the Tucson Book Festival ....


Sunday, March 23, 2014

Art Imitating ...

Life ....

I love when I meet new artists ... I so wish I could draw, or paint (besides my walls), or sketch. I have a wonderful idea in my head but just can't get it to paper ...

But, Kristy Jarvis captured Shadow and Muffin perfectly ... I sent her some of my favorite FB pictures of Shadow and Muffin playing and she captured their personalities perfectly! I absolutely LOVE this rendering of them!
have you ever had one of these days?
This morning, March 23, 2014 at about 10:00 in the morning ... Life Imitated Art ...
Muffin's look on her face is priceless!
YES ... Shadow loves sitting on Muffin's head .... we have no idea why ... but this definitely
will be part of the -  A Muffin "Tail" series!
Art imitating Life   OR   Life imitating Art
whichever it is ... it makes me smile!

 LOVE Kristy's work?
Visit her at her website


Monday, March 17, 2014

E V E N T S ...

Spring has arrived ... March is almost over and I have two great events to finish up the month ... hope you can join me!
Spring Craft & Garden Show
Forest Hill Civic & Convention Center
6901 Wichita Street
Forest Hill, TX 76140
9am - 5pm
Click on the LINK for more information
Mr. Jim's Pizza - Saginaw, TX
12pm - 3pm
Click on the LINK for more information

I'm ALSO walking in the Relay for Life Event on May 31st from 1pm - 1am in Saginaw, TX. If you'd like to help BEAT Cancer ... click on the link to donate .... My team and I THANK you for your support. My goal this year is $350.00 (100 bucks more than last year!) 


I'm walking for MY DAD
and many other friends and relatives that have had cancer

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Work In Progress

I can't believe that I have been author(ing) for 5 years! The Life of Bud's 5th anniversary release date is in April. I really have come so far!  I have done over 300 events in that amount of time -- everything from being the Grand Marshall in my hometown's Easter parade, speaking at my grade school & being introduced by the Principal that was there when I went to school, to speaking at professional teacher conferences, conducting writing workshops at libraries, storytelling at the FW Nature Center and visiting many bookstores, coffee shops, and cafes! I've also been lucky to have gotten involved with pet rescue organizations with the help of MUFFIN. But my favorite thing is going to schools to read to children!
Landon H. who was in Kinder
 at my VERY first book signing ... it was a dream
come true! Smiles like this is why I write!



I'm so lucky to have the support of many of my high school friends and teachers and co-workers from Georgia, Massachusetts and now Texas! I also have been lucky to keep in touch with many of my past parents and now that some of my students are almost all GROWN UP ... it's great to hear from them every once in a while! Over 200 people came to the event - it was very overwhelming and a wonderful show of support - it was also Ashley's 16th birthday-which I am forever grateful she shared that day with Bud's first book event.

Debuting A Simpler Time at the Massachusetts Reading Association Conference was very special ... I had a hard time not breaking into tears reading my book for the first time to Ashley in front of 100+ other people -- many were FAMOUS authors--Jane Yolen was there! This was a very special moment for me.

Debut Reading -- Went Out To Get a Donut-Came Home With a Muffin to GEM pre-schoolers! By the end of the day, I could barely talk! But it was really worth it! The kids were wonderful and it was a great event.

BUT ... each event is a work in progress. I have had to make adjustments to my booth space over the years. I realized, aft the Funky Finds craft fair this past weekend, that I needed something behind my table to make it look "pretty" and eye catching .... the wall behind my table was just sheet metal ... and I'm NOT happy with the RED tablecloth anymore-too dark. I recently added the carpet, beanbag chairs, and table with coloring sheets - really makes it inviting .... but I needed something else!

SO ... I went shopping today with my creative crazy mind at work for an inexpensive backdrop .... please let me know what you think ....
I purchased a garment rack and 2 sheets (one for the rack and one for the table)
-- yes -- the sheet needs to be ironed!
I also purchased 2 of these wall art display holders
I will put colored copies of my book covers and
something that says Laura Eckroat - Children's Author
I can't wait to try this out at my next craft fair event ...

My journey as an author is a Work In Progress ...
THANK YOU to all who have supported and encouraged me for the first 5 years...
and I hope you will continue for many years to come ...
If you would like to me speak at your school, library, or event
please email me at

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Time to get F U N K Y

Saturday and Sunday -- March 8 & 9 I headed to downtown Fort Worth and attended the
6th Annual FUNKY FINDS Spring Fling ...
if you have never attended, please plan on coming to their
Christmas Event in November.
I love this event - I've met some wonderful artisans that have become friends.
Jessica & her husband Joe, who run the event are fantastic hosts!
And ... the event is for a great cause -- puppies get adopted -- which is awesome!
8 pups got adopted at the event this past weekend!
Edward Hancock
Check out his books at
Patty Wiseman
Check out her books at


My booth at FUNKY FINDS!
I have a children's coloring area ...

 KRISTY JARVIS -- love her art!
She has done some great artwork of Muffin & Shadow
please visit her web-site Kristy Jarvis
Isn't this adorable - I now have note cards
featuring Muffin and Shadow!
One row of vendors ... it's amazing all of the talented people!

This artwork looks familiar -- You will see more
of Dana's work in an upcoming interview!

I stopped at this booth because they had some really cute children's items ... I loved their pencil holders .... but then I saw the hair clips and FELL IN LOVE! Go to their shop on ETSY buckshotinconETSY  to see the Milk and Cookie hair clips-Super cute!!!!

I got the Owl hair clip and had to HAVE the


There are the pups! I love when they get adopted!!!!!

Jessica!!! She is absolutely wonderful
Thanks Jessica & (Joe) for putting on Funky Finds!

Some more booths ... I could spend a fortune here!

Here is RILEY! She was going to color, but then decided
to look at Muffin's book! I think it's RILEY approved!!!!
Riley's mommy, Danielle, makes really pretty jewelry
please visit her site at Don't Eat Beads

Monday, March 10, 2014


at your leisure ...
brew up some coffee or a spot of tea,
curl up with your laptop, and listen to me ...
it's blog talk radio - don't ya know ...
the show is called - Dellani's Tea Time ....
go ahead - click on the link, cuz I'm all out of rhyme(s) ...

Sunday, March 9, 2014


Join me tomorrow 4pm EST / 3pm CST / 2pm Mountain / 1pm Pacific on Blog Talk Radio. Put your feet up, brew up some tea, relax and ENJOY!  Click on the link below to listen -- THANKS!

Monday, March 3, 2014

A Time for

One of my favorite pictures with my doodlebug!
It is a parent's job to watch their child grow up. From good times, bad times, mistakes made, lessons
learned, good news/bad news, dating, breakups, heartaches, to falling in love ....

I've had to do many hard things in my life, but one of the hardest was watching my baby drive away Saturday morning-January 6, 2014. 

I have started this post many times and every time I just can't get through it. Saying good-bye is never easy-and when you know the little blue Ford Focus will no longer be parked in front of the house, or Sunday breakfast will be missing Little Miss Sunshine, and going alone for Pedicures will become the norm - it's really tough. My daughter was married in August. Her husband is in the Navy and about a week after they got married, he was stationed in Virginia Beach, VA. They tried living apart, but it became tough on both of them - so in January he came to Texas, she packed up and they headed together to VA Beach to start their new life together. He is a wonderful guy and I'm glad they have each other, but, I miss her dearly every day ... I know that starting her new life is very special and exciting. She has started a new chapter in her life - I picked up her book, A Simpler Time a few days ago and read each word carefully and wished she and I could visit that time again - even if for a little while ... BUT --  she is beginning new memories and stories that she can share with her children someday. We were lucky to spend Christmas with Ashley and a very special New Year's with Ashley and Forrest ... and then ... there were good-byes ...

 New Year's Eve 2014

Opening presents - JENGA BOOM
We even took a really good FAMILY picture!
Forrest, Steven, Ashley, Shadow, Me & Miss Muffin!
Trust me ... this was a feat!!!!!!
and ... I was kidded because of the shirts we have ...
see if you "get it"

We saved a present for Miss Muffin to open
a quilt from Grandma! She loves it.

This is when it hit me ... all of her things were in that truck!
Her clothes, pictures, things ... on there way

There goes her stuff!

Yes -- I broke down crying - right there in the driveway.
No one was home but me when the truck drove away ...
Watching that truck drive away was really difficult.

January 6 -- very early --
they are leaving ...

Saying good-bye to Muffin and Shadow

They got in the car and sat there for a few minutes.

YES ... she ran back in tears to say good-bye and give
her Daddy -- BIG HUGS!
Steven gave her one of his walking sticks he meticulously
made - hopefully she cherishes it forever!

I'm crying so hard in this picture ... miss you AJ!

One last kiss for Miss Muffin

Well ... maybe one more Last KISS!
Looking forward to Hugging HELLO!!!!! and visiting VA Beach someday soon.
Any advice for AJ and her new husband .... leave a comment in the post for the
newlyweds and you could win a copy of A Simpler Time and AJ's next book
A Time for Change -- coming in 2015!