Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Time to get F U N K Y

Saturday and Sunday -- March 8 & 9 I headed to downtown Fort Worth and attended the
6th Annual FUNKY FINDS Spring Fling ...
if you have never attended, please plan on coming to their
Christmas Event in November.
I love this event - I've met some wonderful artisans that have become friends.
Jessica & her husband Joe, who run the event are fantastic hosts!
And ... the event is for a great cause -- puppies get adopted -- which is awesome!
8 pups got adopted at the event this past weekend!
Edward Hancock
Check out his books at
Patty Wiseman
Check out her books at


My booth at FUNKY FINDS!
I have a children's coloring area ...

 KRISTY JARVIS -- love her art!
She has done some great artwork of Muffin & Shadow
please visit her web-site Kristy Jarvis
Isn't this adorable - I now have note cards
featuring Muffin and Shadow!
One row of vendors ... it's amazing all of the talented people!

This artwork looks familiar -- You will see more
of Dana's work in an upcoming interview!

I stopped at this booth because they had some really cute children's items ... I loved their pencil holders .... but then I saw the hair clips and FELL IN LOVE! Go to their shop on ETSY buckshotinconETSY  to see the Milk and Cookie hair clips-Super cute!!!!

I got the Owl hair clip and had to HAVE the


There are the pups! I love when they get adopted!!!!!

Jessica!!! She is absolutely wonderful
Thanks Jessica & (Joe) for putting on Funky Finds!

Some more booths ... I could spend a fortune here!

Here is RILEY! She was going to color, but then decided
to look at Muffin's book! I think it's RILEY approved!!!!
Riley's mommy, Danielle, makes really pretty jewelry
please visit her site at Don't Eat Beads

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