Sunday, May 17, 2015

RT Convention FUN!

My husband and I brainstormed back in the fall on a very cute RED giveaway idea! I ordered all RED crayons from Crayola and he googled for a little bag to hold the crayon ... he found the perfect little crayon holder from ... I was so excited that everything got delivered in time for me to make these to give away

I printed the book cover with the release information for RED
put the Red crayon in the ClearBag and tied them together with ribbon

I purchased a Red flower pot from Target and placed a Red plastic
tablecloth at the bottom to lift up the give away

VOILA!!!!  I love them! And everyone who purchases a Red book through me
will ALWAYS get one of these!!!!!!

On another stormy May day in Texas, I hopped in the car at 6:15am and headed off to the Dallas Hyatt Regency. I was a little nervous driving in the storm ... but took it slow and steady and it was exciting to get there! Reunion Tower is right next to the Hyatt. One of these days maybe I'll take a trip to the top of that! Did Valet parking for my car since it was pouring down rain ... and when I walked into the HYATT I saw this and RT BOOKLOVERS CONVENTION projected on this huge column and was sooooooo excited!!!!!!!!!!
Here is my table .... I love setting it up
And can't believe I used to go to book events with 1 book... soon I'll have 5 -- YIKES!!!!

The view from my table ....

Our Badges ....
Yes ... Katherine Boyer made her way to the convention -- she had to check out RED! (left)
Cindy Nord (in full costume), Me, and Katherine (right)
I think I need a selfie STICK! 
Kathryn Falk ... WOW -- she does an amazing job putting on this
My neighbor --  YA Author
Katie Charles
You cannot attend the RT (Romantic Times) Convention without
seeing COVER MODELS!!!

I sat across from this Cover Model (Don Allen) all day ... tough job!
Yep ... that's him on the front of that book!!!

OKAY ... when this Cover Model (James D. Magnussen) stops at your table and wants to buy your books for his 3 kids...
you're like "REALLY you have 3 KIDS!?!!!?
What a sweet guy ... hope he has a safe trip back home to Arizona!
And I hope your kids enjoy the books!!! 
It was lots of fun to be the only children's author at this event! I had lots of MOMS getting books for their kids!!!!!
Packed up and ready to go ....
it was a GREAT DAY!
 Lots of people leaving! 
Good-bye RT Convention and Hyatt Regency
I had a GREAT DAY!
 And ... when I got home ... more Prickly Pear flowers
had blossomed!!!!!!!!!!!!!
If you interested in reserving a copy of Red Goes To Kindergarten ....
email me at or leave a comment here!
Pre- Release copies should be arriving soon!!!

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Nature is good for the SOUL ...

For those of you that know me ... you know that my husband is in the hospital following an emergency surgery -- today makes day 14 in the hospital .... I've been worried beyond my wildest dreams, scared, stressed, depressed ....  taking in the wonder of Nature has helped my soul ...

I was able to go to the Texas Discovery Gardens with my Kindergarten Students on Wednesday and we released our classroom butterflies on Friday and this morning I repotted a few plants and brought them out of the Greenhouse .... ENJOY the BEAUTY OF NATURE!

Here are a few pics of our Painted Lady Butterflies and Greenhouse Inhabitants!

 A perfect Painted Lady Butterfly!!!!

We had 17 butterflies emerge .... we started with 24 caterpillar!!!
Poverty Plant -- started from a cutting and repotted ...

The Poinsettia Plant from Christmas
Put it in the greenhouse in January and it has ALL new green!
Oregano and Rosemary
Can't wait for tomatoes season so I can add these fresh herbs to my homemade sauce!!!
Strawberry Plant
Passion Flower -- already has 2 blooms!!!
Some beautiful greenery -- 4 plants from Steven's work .... but Steven told me to
bring it home and repot it .... after 10 days in the hospital he wanted the plants to live!
2 of the plants are from one of my children from my Alice In Wonderland production!

I purchased this beautiful Milkweed plant at the Texas Discovery Gardens ...
I need to get a BIG POT for it and hopefully will repot it tomorrow!
It's already attracting ladybugs .... I can't wait to see the butterfly that visit it!

I love the shape of the buds! and the flowers are so pretty!!!!
As you know, I totally love nature and the life cycle .... my newest book -- DAISY ... is in production and I hope it to be released end of 2015/early 2016!!!  And ... DAPHNE is in the final stage of writing and I hope to send it off to the publisher in June!