Sunday, October 25, 2015

The Compassion Experience

I saw a post on FB a few weeks ago, about The Compassion Experience. I was intrigued, because it sounded like something I would be interested in. I went to the web-site, read about it, and then signed up for a time slot!

Today was the day that I visited countries .... without going there. I know I didn't eat the food, walk the paths, smell the smells ... but I got to hear their stories and see how they went from feeling hopeless to overcoming obstacles because people took a chance on them and Compassion Experience had a safe place for them to go!

I "visited" Africa, India, & Bolivia ...

We walked from room to room, listening to Julian's story ... their two rooms were kept "safe" by putting that chair up against the door ...
 She began going to the Compassion Center for school and received a birthday card ... she felt this changed her life .... I found it interesting that the school had a place for kids to keep their toothbrushes with toothpaste!

 They moved to another home when Julian was about 10 ... they were still close to drugs and poverty, but felt a bit safer ...

 She worked really hard -- graduated and then was accepted to Baylor University to get her Master's in Social Work ... she feels blessed that the Compassion Experience was able to start her off on the right foot and allowed her to go to school!

I then "traveled" to India and met BRINDA

Brinda and her little sister wearing the black dot - Bindi on their heads -- the social purpose was to ward off the evil eye of the young unmarried girl by making her wear a 'black' Bindi.

 Below is the desk of Brinda's teacher at the Compassion Experience ... she highlighted a whole file of her sponsor ... letters and pictures she received through her school years!
 One of Brinda's memories was when her grandmother was very sick -- a recreation of her grandmother's hospital room -- she said this was a pivotal time in her life ....

 A picture of BRINDA as a baby!
Lastly, I walked in Ruben's shoes in Bolivia ...
 They had one bed in their house and the father slept in that bed.
Ruben explained that dad was an alcoholic and didn't work and usually passed out in that bed ...
he would beat Ruben's mother and often yell and hit Ruben and his sister ...
 Ruben had one toy -- a truck and his sister had one toy -- a doll ...
they left these things behind one night and fled the abuse with their mother.
 Ruben would work in the open Market -- at the age of 8 he was shining shoes for money to help his mom and sister.
Many kids would use the money they earned at the Market to buy glue to sniff it ...
sniffing glue would help the world go "away" and hunger pains go "away"
 When Ruben was about 17 he moved in with his dad and his new wife -- they would not feed Ruben
he would have to fend for himself -- he could just sleep on their floor ...
Ruben finally began attending the Compassion Experience and went to school!
He moved back with his mom!
 He was very proud of the RED table he made for his mom!
They finally had a table to break bread and eat dinner!

 Ruben and his RED table ....

I was very moved by the experience .... I have sponsored
Inkindi Christine from Rwanda
If you ever have the chance to attend this event ... it is a wonderful way to show your kids how other children of the world live and also a wonderful way to give back!
Being a teacher I feel all children should have a safe place to learn and be encouraged!
I'm so glad I clicked on the FB post and went on a new and life changing
Visit their web-site Compassion Experience
OR Visit their Facebook Page

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Upcoming Events

Here are some of my upcoming book events.  Please share this information with your family and friends!  These events showcase local artisans and you can find some unique Christmas gifts! 

The Saginaw High School Starsteppers Drill Team and I would like to invite you to their 9th Annual Rough Rider Bazaar and Craft Show at Saginaw High School on Saturday, October 31st, 2015, from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm. 
NOVEMBER 7 & 8, 2015
Funky Finds -- Will Rogers Memorial Complex
Follow this link to get to the FUNKY FINDS FB PAGE
I will be in booth 320 .... I love seeing all the handmade items!!!!
Also -- you can purchase books at a discount at my table and donate them to TOYS FOR TOTS!

Just a glimpse of one of the aisles of Funky Finds .... there's soooooo MUCH!!!!

 I met the artist of these two great pieces of art and they now are hanging proudly in my house!
I met Kristy Jarvis at Funky Finds and she has done some wonderful artwork of Muffin and Shadow!
She will be at Funky Finds in booth 103
I definitely will be visiting her!!!!!!

Please stop by and say HI if you attend any of these events!
Let me know if you have an event or school you'd like me to visit!

Wednesday, October 7, 2015


In case you weren't able to make it to the LIVE show where I appeared as a featured guest for On the Right Road radio show  over at , I am sharing the recording of the show with you!  Click on the link to listen to Paula and I discussing our Passion for Writing!
Please check it out!

ALSO ... If you order any of my award winning children's books directly from me -- email me -- ( and mention Right Road Kids I will donate $1.00 back for each book sold to this wonderful organization that helps teachers across the country!

Thanks Paula for having me on your show!

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Texas Word Wrangler Festival

Every time I wanted to update the web-site ... something crazy seemed to happen! Back on September 10, I got up bright and early and headed down I-35 ... then 77 to Giddings, TX for the Texas Word Wrangler Festival!  I was lucky enough to talk to the 1st Graders at Giddings Elementary about writing, how a book is published and then we sang Went Out To Get a Donut - Came Home With a Muffin. It was so much fun! In these pictures, I am showing the kids how a book is printed.

After I was finished at the school, I stopped by an antique shop and found this great globe! I have started to collect globes and will put them all on the ledge up in the loft -- I think they are so interesting .. I then proceeded to my hotel and made some more RED Crayon bookmarks!
Then ... had to get ready for the DINNER! The theme was cowboy/cowgirl ...
 When I got to the Dinner, there was this surprise waiting for me ... All of the First Graders signed this giant card for me! So Awesome!!!!!!!

 The fundraising dinner was packed and the Mayor of Giddings spoke about how lucky they are to have all these authors come to their city!

I believe there were about 125 people packed into their meeting room!  The food was fabulous!!! And they gave us these really cute lunch boxes, filled with all kinds of goodies!
All of the authors marking where they are from.

Just a couple of us from the DFW area!

The author tribute wall ...

The library had these biographies of every author on top of the shelves of books!
READY for the kids to come!!!!!!  Bring 'em on!

I set up a writing prompt ... hope the Beaver doesn't eat it!
 My first sale of the day!
The kids have arrived!!!!!!
They had autograph sheets and interview questions ... it was so much fun!
 This boy was interviewing me ... and SUCCESS .... kids adding to the writing prompt!

 The little girl in the dress just finished interviewing me and these two loved the writing prompt!
LUNCH ... I have to say ... they fed us well in Giddings!!!!

I did not have a piece of cake ... I ate a LOT of catfish!
The 2nd writing prompt!

She was one of the First Graders I read to!
After sitting by the Beaver for 1-1/2 days .... I just HAD to do this!!!!!!!
I had a wonderful time in Giddings for the Texas Word Wrangler Festival and I hope I get invited back again next year!
For more information on the Texas Word Wrangler Festival
click on the link to get to their homepage!