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One of the fun things about being an author is teaming up with other authors to do a MASSIVE book giveaway ....  CLICK HERE TO ENTER!  (you will be directed to another web-site - click on the Children's Book Giveaway Tab)

Here is the list of authors (click on the author's name to visit their web-site and to learn more about them) and a list of the books you could win ... click on the above link to enter and to view all the books listed below! Have fun and GOOD LUCK!

You could win a copy of my book -- Went Out To Get a Donut - Came Home With a Muffin that was just awarded 1st Place - Best Children's Picture Book 7 and Under - Texas Association of Authors

Shannon Sonneveldt - AUTHOR of Bobby's Summer

Cynthia P. Willow - AUTHOR of Patty Gayle and the Legend of Kingsley, The Legacy of Zedbulla, The Land of Flames, and Hell's Christmas

Gloria Repp - AUTHOR of The Story Shell, Pibbin the Small, and Trapped

Phyllis Sather - AUTHOR of Dan's Doodles Coloring Books

Cheryl Pickett - AUTHOR of Creation Inspirations

Mukkove Johnson - AUTHOR of Easter is About Jesus

Kelly Hagen - AUTHOR of Jake and Jesus

Virginia Finnie - AUTHOR of Grab Your Slingshot! and Put On Your Armor!

Susette Williams - AUTHOR of You Can't Scare Me, The "In" Crowd, and Wacky Wishes

Idan Hadari - AUTHOR of Noah's Petting Zoo and Andrew's Claim To Fame

AND ME -- Laura Eckroat - AUTHOR of What's In The Corner? A Muffin "Tail"

Please visit these authors web-sites to learn more about them
(you will be directed to another web-site - click on the Children's Book Giveaway Tab)


Thursday, July 25, 2013

BLOG HOP ... hop ... hop

I have been asked to participate in a BLOG HOP ... Thanks Jodi Desautels for asking me to participate! I'd like all of you to visit these children's authors sites and leave a comment here-everyone who leaves a comment will be entered to win an eBook of one of my books! For those of you unfamiliar with a BLOG HOP -- it's a chance for each author to answer a few questions and for followers to learn about other authors and their works.


1) What am I working on right now?
      Right now I am concentrating on doing plenty of marketing for my latest book - What's In the Corner? A Muffin "Tail". I'm also finishing up a sequel to A Simpler Time and hope to send that to the publisher by the end of Summer so it will release in 2014. I also have another Muffin book in the works and for those of you familiar with Muffin's books, it will also be a sing-song "tail"!

2) How do my works differ from other works in it's genre?
     My first two books challenge young readers to think and look differently at the world around them. The Life of Bud and A Simpler Time are both used by classroom teachers -- either to teach the life cycle or helping to teach children to write science journals. The two Muffin books are perfect for pre-readers and early readers - the rhyming, repetitive nature of these books make children want to read ... and when their parents download the FREE audio of the books, they hear me singing and can then SING along with the book, learning those pre-reading skills!

3) Why do you write what you do?
      I write about the world around me. I love nature and am fascinated by everything I see! My friends and family often giggle at me because I will notice leaves, or bugs, or clouds and mention things about them. I've always been fascinated with nature and grew up making mud pies and skipping rocks on the lake near my house. The Muffin books have been extremely FUN to write. I went out of my comfort zone and shared my silly side with the world - well -- maybe not the world ... YET! Being a Kindergarten teacher, I found children love to sing and if you teach them anything by singing it - they learn it very quickly! The Muffin books are rhyming, repetitive, mystery "tails" that are sung and are just a whole lot of fun!

4) How does your writing process work?
     I always tell children that my ideas come at the most CRAZY times -- I had the finished product of The Life of Bud come to me while I was in the shower. I drive with the radio off and lots of times when I'm at home the TV is NOT on. I enjoy the quiet and when an idea comes to me I grab my journal and write down ideas as quickly as I can. I then shut the journal and put it away for a few days - I will pull it out and then read what I wrote to see if it is something I really can use or was it just a fleeting idea. But, I do my best writing work, when I'm not sitting at a desk with a computer screen staring me down. I need to be cleaning, or showering, or gardening, or walking the dog, or driving .... that is when my best ideas come to me!

Please visit:

Aileen Stewart - author of Fern Valley

Brandy Herr - author of Freddie Spaghetti and Meatball

Robert Ruisi - author of I Done Did It. Yeah, I Did It!  or you can also visit Robert Ruisi's latest venture - Book-Spot  Where authors and publishers can meet the readers and sell their books with no middleman. No fees, no percentages, FREE self-publishing. It is run by the collective power of authors. This is where support your author actually means something!

H A P P Y   B L O G   H O P P I N G!

After visiting these authors sites .... stop back here and leave a comment! You will be entered to win an eBook of ANY of my titles! Drawing will be held on Muffin's Birthday - August 8, 2013!

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Free & Discounted Books Contest Winner

I am so excited! I won this contest from Free & Discounted Books! Please check out their site at the following link Free & Discounted Books

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Helping a Community

This is Brandy Herr organizer of the event!
Brandy is also the author of The Adventures of Freddie
Spaghetti and Meat Ball

Me ... I'm thinking I need another table!
The Read for Rancho Children's Book Fundraising Event was held on Wednesday, July 17 at the Decker Gym in Granbury, TX. Many members of the community attended along with the children from the Boys & Girls Club. The counselors all stopped by our tables and thanked us for participating in the event and the kids loved hearing all the stories! We met the director of the Community Center and she told us the renovations to the Community Center are really coming along, and she is hoping to invite us all back for the dedication ... that would be really awesome! Attending Authors were: Brandy Herr, Brothers Gromm, Danna Walters, Elaine Fields Smith & Yours Truly.

Danna Walters, author of Every Good
Princess, Marries a Prince
The children and adults got to mingle and meet the authors before the event and each author was able to present their book by reading, or in my case, singing! That gave people plenty of time to purchase raffle tickets for some great prizes! Mercer Mayer, author of The Little Critter Books, autographed and sent books for this event!

There were books, and other really cool prizes from all over the country. Thanks Fleur'tee Bee Boutique for the two $25.00 gift certificates that you donated for the event! One of them was won by a counselor for the Boys and Girls Club, and the other was won by a friend of author Danna Walters!

Ashley, being Ashley!
I love when she comes and helps me out at events!
Remember ... she is the main character from A Simpler Time
as you can see, she is QUITE the character!

Me, on stage, asking the kids - what they think is IN THE CORNER?

I decided to EAT the MIC!

The prize table!!! 

Me with the Master of Ceremonies -- Brandy Herr!

I love sharing my stories with children, but also being able to link that with helping a community in need makes it even more special, and it was an honor to be at the event. Thanks to everyone who donated a raffle item and everyone who attended the fundraiser. Finally, I wish only the best for everyone in the Rancho Brazos Community!
If you would like me to attend your event or speak at your school, please contact me at thelifeofbud@aol.com.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Author of the Month

I have been chosen as the July Author of the Month at:

108 East Main
Ada, Oklahoma

If you are in the area ... stop by and browse the art gallery and the books from local authors!

Monday, July 8, 2013

What's In The Corner?

Muffin's latest book released June 4, 2013

Writing, to me, is an extension of what is going on in the world around me. I've shared my love of nature with you in a previous post. My two latest books - Went Out To Get a Donut - Came Home With a Muffin and What's In the Corner? A Muffin "Tail" are both stories based on true events.

Miss Muffin at 12 weeks old
When we decided it was time for a puppy, we searched rescue sites on the internet and Muffin truly captured our hearts! It was August 9, and we had just had breakfast and then went out to get MUFFIN! This is her first picture at our house.

Her best friend was a beagle named Mabel. Mabel was our beagle who has since been taken to Doggie Heaven. Muffin and Mabel had lots of fun together - they'd move bricks along the fence, play in the mud after it rained, and were just best buddies.

Miss Muffin and Mabel Meet
Muffin had an attraction to the CORNER of the backyard from a young age. She'd run there every morning and give a little bark up at the tree. We started saying to each other "what's in the corner?" Muffin, understands many things we say, so this one stuck, and it seemed to become a game!
We later found out that a big, grey cat would sit up in the tree and mess with her. So naturally, What's In the Corner? A Muffin "Tail" was written. I used all of Muffin's favorite things throughout the book and it just had to be a song!

Here is the link to see Muffin in action checking out the corner:

When I speak at schools and libraries, I talk to children about writing and the writing process and also about how you can take things that happen in your life and make stories out of them.

Here is the link to amazon.com where you can purchase What's In the Corner? A Muffin "Tail"

If you would like me to visit your school or library, email me HERE!

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Celebrate the 4th!!

What's In the Corner? A Muffin "Tail" released JUNE 4, 2013 ... Celebrate it's one month anniversary with a super 4th of July sale! Order What's In the Corner? A Muffin "Tail" now thru the 4th for only $4.00!!

If you are interested in ordering my new title ... please email me at thelifeofbud@aol.com for ordering information!

If you would like me to come to your school, library, or learning center, email me at
thelifeofbud@aol.com to schedule a visit