Saturday, February 13, 2016

DAISY will soon BLOOM!

Greg & I

I'm always nervous, excited, scared, ecstatic and a whole host of other emotions when a new book will be released. I'm extremely lucky to have a great publisher that makes the process pretty EASY and have teamed back with my illustrator GREG WHITE who can do what my hands could never do! He's so very talented!  I did get to meet him a few years back and hope that this coming September he will be able to join me for a book event ... which will be LOTS OF FUN!

Greg hard at work ... illustrating!
When Greg gets the manuscript he begins by setting up a really raw storyboard ... he draws some very simple sketches and reflects on what words would best make the story come alive! 
Once the story board is drawn, Greg will sketch some characters ... His pencil drawings are always stunning .... but then he adds color and
WOW .... Daisy BLOOMED!!!!!!!
Here's a sneak peek at a few illustrations from my upcoming book
Daisy:  A Life Cycle Series

I can't WAIT!!!!  I hope you are excited too ...  Let me know if you are interested in a copy from the first printing ... they should be available in May, 2016 ....
When The Life of Bud was released, I felt overwhelmed and did not think I could do the audio that comes with the book. Since then, I have been able to do the audio for all of the rest of my books ... it is a LOT of fun!  Here are a few pictures of my trip to Tate Publishing in Mustang, OK back on December 29 to complete the Audio for Red Goes To Kindergarten ....
Tate Music and Audio studio ...
 A HUGE ice storm descended over MUSTANG, OK on December 27 & 28, 2015 ... I was supposed to drive to Mustang on December 28 and I'm glad that the audio group could reschedule to Tuesday ... BUT -- I still could not believe how THICK all the ice was the closer I got to the Tate Studios ...

Everything was shimmery and gorgeous in the sun!
The fields looked as if they were encased in glass ... these pictures don't capture how incredibly beautiful the landscape was!
In the studio -- about to record ...
I only got tongue - tied once
and one time I just couldn't help it -- I had to clear my throat!
So not too shabby ... I got the audio finished in about 30 minutes!
As I was driving home and was about 25 miles from Mustang ... I came across these fields flooded.
In the picture on the right ... there is a road that is supposed to be there -- but is totally under water!
Nature is amazing ...
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