Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Went To the Farmers Market ...

Came Home With a Cool Story ...

I know I haven't posted in a while ... I should have captured the WHOLE move in blog posts.  But, I have to admit -- it was tiring and I was stressed.  Now that we've lived in Monroe, WI for almost 2 months, I'm feeling less stressed and more AT HOME!

The summer did not fly by like it normally does ... I've been able to unpack boxes, take a few day trips, visit with my mom, spend lots of time walking the dogs, reading, a little gardening, and a bit of home improvement ... I did want to write more, but that will come! 

I love Monroe.  I was a bit scared to move to a small town; being away from Starbucks and Target and Kohls and Bed, Bath & Beyond!  But -- it's OK ... there's small coffee shops here and stores that I have been able to get everything I need -- and they are all within a mile from my home!  Walking to the post office is FUN! And living 3 blocks from the fair grounds and 3 blocks from the Square are wonderful!

I was very blessed to be OK'd to sell my books at the Farmer's Market!  I've met some wonderful people who are very talented and sell some great products and also producers who have some REALLY GOOD PRODUCE!!!!!! 

Shannon, ROXY, me
I also now have a very COOL story to go along with the book -- Went Out To Get a Donut - Came Home With a Muffin!  The secretary (at the school I'm going to be teaching at in a few weeks) stopped by my table a couple weeks ago.  We talked and she thought the Muffin book was super cute!  Her daughter (Shannon) will be going to college in a few weeks and is majoring in Broadcast Journalism -- she wanted to get her a fun book because she also loves to write!  I told her about the Muffin book and so she purchased it!  Last week, while at the farmer's market, this girl comes up to me and explains who she is!  She was SHANNON!  When her mom gave her the book, and she read it ... she actually got really sad and said to her mom "how could you get me a book about getting a rescue dog when you won't let me get a new dog!"  They had lost their dog about 6 months ago and Shannon really wanted another dog!  So ... that being said -- a friend was getting rid of their BEAGLE named ROXY and Shannon was able to RESCUE IT!  All because of Muffin's book!  So Shannon's mom went to the Farmer's Market, got a book, and rescued a dog!  Roxy is super cute and reminds me soooooooooooooooo MUCH of Mabel ....

But, you never know where a story will come from ... here are a few pics of me, Shannon and ROXY in the Monroe Square at the Famer's Market! I'm glad Roxy has found a great home and I wish Shannon much luck in college!

Trying to get ROXY to look at the camera ....
Roxy so looks like Mabel! 

Muffin & Mabel
Muffin's first week with us ... Mabel showing Muffin how it's done!
Muffin bugging Mabel!
How that little pup got bigger than Mabel in like 2 months was amazing!!!!