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What's in the Corner? 
A Muffin 'Tail'
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Sing along to this musical mystery 'tail' as Muffin discovers what's in the corner of her backyard! Muffin's second adventure will spark the imagination of children of all ages!

A Simpler Time
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Over-saturated with the latest video games and iPhone apps, does anyone slow down to remember A Simpler Time? Join A.J. as she discovers a summer of fun with her mom, finding animals in the clouds, and a trek to find the perfect four-leaf clover!

The Life of BUD
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This is the story of life and how important we all are and how hard it is to let go in the end. The story follows Bud, who starts out as a tiny bud. He feels insignificant, but Bud grows into a beautiful, vibrant leaf on the Mighty Oak Tree and becomes an important part of the tree. If you're looking for a children's book that gently explains about life and death, look no further.
Went Out To Get A DONUT- 
Came Home With A MUFFIN
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This charming book engages little readers into the importance of animal rescue. A family stumbles upon an opportunity: a cute, fluffy puppy. Should they take him home?


  1. Laura, your books sound great. No children in my house to read to, but I will keep them in mind for grandchildren.

    1. Thanks Garry! I appreciate you stopping by and taking a look!!! : )