Monday, February 20, 2017

Following Your Dream

Everyone has a dream job, a job they would love to be able to wake up and do every single day.  Mine is to read to children.  I absolutely love that ... to see their faces light up is magical. 

My daughter is pursuing her dream job and
Ashley-front row on the right!
Listening intently!!
I'm so very proud of her.  She is following her heart after not listening to it for a few years.  When she finally decided to take the leap to Cosmetology and Make Up Aristry she had her heart broken. After months in the program the Cosmetology School she attended closed suddenly and without notice - they filed Chapter 11.  She felt lost and didn't know where to turn.  She applied at another school and GOT IT!  She was thrilled beyond belief and it's fun to watch her learn new things and see pictures of her at school doing what she was born to do!

About a month ago, Ashley told me she wanted to go to a workshop by Ash Fortis. Ashley was having a fan girl moment and I could tell she wanted to go, but was nervous that she's still a novice in her schooling--but after a few days she decided to sign up!  I was very excited that she was choosing to give it a try ...

She didn't have a model for this workshop, so she brought along one of her "heads" ... she got the hair all prepped the night before and was really nervous and excited to attend! She did a great job and her color and style came out beautifully!

She is now in a contest to win a great prize ... A DREAM COME TRUE prize -- a training day with Ash Fortis!  If you click on the link in red               VOTE FOR ASHLEY ECKROAT's XO COLOR MODEL   (it should bring Ashley's model up) ... click LIKE and that's it!  She is truly overwhelmed by all the support she has had so far with this contest -- but voting is open until February 28 ... so if you haven't voted ... please take a few seconds to do this ... the picture will look like this and have Ashley Eckroat underneath it
If the link above does not work -- here is some information that may help you find it on Facebook
The picture will look like the picture on the left and
the xo RIOT FUNraiser picture shows how to get to the Rudy & Kelly FB page!


I asked Ashley what it would mean to her if she won -- here is what she had to say ...

          "To win time with Ash Fortis, an amazing stylist, would mean everything to me. She creates      magic in people's hair and 100% transforms them! She is an absolute inspiration and one of my biggest role models in this industry! And after meeting her once and seeing how genuine and kind she is made me love her even more! So to win time with her, and to learn from her I feel would really push my career in an amazing direction! I would love to be able to create magic for people daily! Have them look at themselves and feel even more beautiful than they already are! Giving people an amazing experience and something to tell their friends about! Being in the beauty industry isn't just about making people beautiful, it's allowing people to express themselves and be confident with who they are! And I feel like Ash Fortis gives that to everyone of her clients and I would love to learn and train under her!"          Ashley Eckroat Fowler

Here are some pictures of Ashley with Ash Fortis and her color model  ....


Ash Fortis signed the model head!

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