Monday, March 3, 2014

A Time for

One of my favorite pictures with my doodlebug!
It is a parent's job to watch their child grow up. From good times, bad times, mistakes made, lessons
learned, good news/bad news, dating, breakups, heartaches, to falling in love ....

I've had to do many hard things in my life, but one of the hardest was watching my baby drive away Saturday morning-January 6, 2014. 

I have started this post many times and every time I just can't get through it. Saying good-bye is never easy-and when you know the little blue Ford Focus will no longer be parked in front of the house, or Sunday breakfast will be missing Little Miss Sunshine, and going alone for Pedicures will become the norm - it's really tough. My daughter was married in August. Her husband is in the Navy and about a week after they got married, he was stationed in Virginia Beach, VA. They tried living apart, but it became tough on both of them - so in January he came to Texas, she packed up and they headed together to VA Beach to start their new life together. He is a wonderful guy and I'm glad they have each other, but, I miss her dearly every day ... I know that starting her new life is very special and exciting. She has started a new chapter in her life - I picked up her book, A Simpler Time a few days ago and read each word carefully and wished she and I could visit that time again - even if for a little while ... BUT --  she is beginning new memories and stories that she can share with her children someday. We were lucky to spend Christmas with Ashley and a very special New Year's with Ashley and Forrest ... and then ... there were good-byes ...

 New Year's Eve 2014

Opening presents - JENGA BOOM
We even took a really good FAMILY picture!
Forrest, Steven, Ashley, Shadow, Me & Miss Muffin!
Trust me ... this was a feat!!!!!!
and ... I was kidded because of the shirts we have ...
see if you "get it"

We saved a present for Miss Muffin to open
a quilt from Grandma! She loves it.

This is when it hit me ... all of her things were in that truck!
Her clothes, pictures, things ... on there way

There goes her stuff!

Yes -- I broke down crying - right there in the driveway.
No one was home but me when the truck drove away ...
Watching that truck drive away was really difficult.

January 6 -- very early --
they are leaving ...

Saying good-bye to Muffin and Shadow

They got in the car and sat there for a few minutes.

YES ... she ran back in tears to say good-bye and give
her Daddy -- BIG HUGS!
Steven gave her one of his walking sticks he meticulously
made - hopefully she cherishes it forever!

I'm crying so hard in this picture ... miss you AJ!

One last kiss for Miss Muffin

Well ... maybe one more Last KISS!
Looking forward to Hugging HELLO!!!!! and visiting VA Beach someday soon.
Any advice for AJ and her new husband .... leave a comment in the post for the
newlyweds and you could win a copy of A Simpler Time and AJ's next book
A Time for Change -- coming in 2015!

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