Sunday, March 30, 2014


I saw some beautiful scenery while I was in Tucson at the Festival of Books .... BUT -- I also ate some awesome food ....
Before I got on the plane in Dallas, I sat at Dunkin' Donuts and had a Coconutty Donut and a cappuccino. Glad I had something -- my flight didn't even give me a smidgeon of peanuts!

When I arrived at my hotel ... I was famished! I didn't want to rent a car or take a cab anywhere -- so I went exploring. Snapping pictures of cacti on my way, BUT, I was also on a journey to find some GRUB! I decided I would walk two miles max! I finally got to a major intersection and found a few chain food places. I was glad I turned the corner and walked a little further and found ....

Jerry Bob's restaurant. I saw police officers, military personnel, and LOTS of people going inside. And -- I'm glad I went in as well! I had 3 eggs, hash browns and toast for $2.50. It was inexpensive and really good!!!!

I trekked the 1.25 miles back to the hotel, grabbed my Kindle and went to sit by the pool to read. Can you say TOTALLY RELAXING!!!  Just what I needed.

Decided I would just go right across the street to another hotel for dinner. J+J Bar & Grill. Walked in and it smelled heavenly! (they were not open for breakfast / lunch) if you wonder why I walked so far earlier!
I ordered an appetizer for dinner and was glad I picked this one.
There was bruschetta, pork pate, tomatoes, fresh mozzarella,
fried fresh mozzarella, greens, and shrimp cocktail! 
I wanted to eat a little lighter dinner, so I could treat myself to dessert ....
YES ... It really was THAT HUGE
A HOT caramel sundae with fresh whipped cream and toasted almonds.
I did NOT finish it all -- but it was

Went back to my hotel and ... I slept like a BABY! Got up and had some coffee and caught a cab to the FESTIVAL! My cab driver was really nice and knew exactly where to drop me off so that I didn't have to walk to far to the Children's Area of the Festival .... I walked around and checked out many of the tents, did some PD workshops, and then was HUNGRY! I was intrigued by the ORBITS tent ... Their sign was adorable ....
 ... $3.50 for 12 mini sugar donuts and they were MINI--bite size and HOT AND FRESH! The minis and a large unsweet iced tea HIT THE SPOT!

I finished up and walked back to the children's tent area -- I got there right in time to claim my spot!

It was a great day of book selling ... so when my time in the booth was over, I decided I would check out the food area -- eat my dinner, go back to the hotel and S L E E P!

I found Renee's Organic Oven and even though I asked for 1 slice ... the Festival was almost over for the day and she gave me two slices! It was really good!!  After only eating MINI donuts all day ... some REAL food hit the spot!
As I was sitting there enjoying my ZA and watching all the people, I spied a GELATO tent!
I ordered a SMALL Sea Salt Caramel / Chocolate Gelato
Another WINNER!
Thanks Tucson & University of Arizona for hosting the Tucson Festival of Books
and thanks to all the amazing restaurants for
bringing pleasure to my palette!!

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