Tuesday, April 8, 2014

SOCK it to ME!

I wish I could take credit for these ideas -- but I found them in the March, 2014 edition of Woman's Day Magazine. If you're like me, you probably see dozens of things you want to try in magazines! You cut things out, or put them in your memory bank and think you are going to do them. Then LIFE happens and you never do them ... These are so easy and take SECONDS to do!


Do you have SOCKS that have lost their mates?    OR    Do you have socks that are old and you want to get rid of?  Here are some cool ideas that I truly wish I would have thought of (though I thought of some other uses for socks after reading this) ... the magazine had 5 ideas ... but I actually came up with 1 idea a while ago -- so, since I'm writing this, I'm putting my idea in the NUMBER 1 spot!  : )

Umbrella in the SOCK!
Keep the car dry -- Leave a sock in your glove box for rainy days. When you bring the WET umbrella into the car, push it into the sock so that water is soaked up instead of dripping on your floors and seats!  Here you go -- look how easy! MY EXTRA BONUS TIP -- keep 2 socks in the glove box and use one to wipe off the inside of your door if it's raining really hard!

The top of the SOCK on the
wrapping paper

Store gift wrap -- Cut a small section from the sock and slide it onto the roll to keep the paper from unfurling MY TWO CENTS - (if the sock is stretched out or it's too loose, you could also use the WHOLE sock and put one on each end). Tape rips the paper and rubber bands always seem too tight and some of your paper gets ruined!

Dryer Ball

Freshen up your laundry -- Make a scented dryer ball. Dab some essential oil onto a cotton sock and then roll it into a ball. Tuck that little ball into another sock and pull it over (TURN IT INSIDE OUT). Toss the ball into your dryer - when it loses it's scent add more oil. I've made one, but do not know how long the oil scent will last.

Soothe sore muscles -- Fill a sock with uncooked rice and knot the open end. Microwave for about a minute in 20 - 30 second increments, or until it's warm to the touch. Apply to sore muscles! AHHHHHHH! I've tried this and it really WORKS!!!!!  It stays warm for about 30 minutes.

Move furniture -- Slip socks onto the legs so you can carefully slide the piece of furniture without scratching the floor! How ingenious is this! MY THOUGHT - If the legs of the furniture are too thick, you could lay the sock underneath the leg!

When Muffin was a PUP she would go through chew toys and stuffed toys like they were WATER! I was at the pet store and touched a toy, when I squeezed it, it sounded like a water bottle! (I think they really are water bottles!)  I came home, took an empty water bottle out of the recycle bin and put a sock on it and tied the end ... I gave it to her and she LOVED IT! It helps with teething, makes a fun sound, and is soft - because of the sock! Best thing is, when the bottle flattens out, take it out, put it in the recycle bin, WASH THE SOCK, or just replace the bottle!  Fun for the PUPS ... on the CHEAP!

Here you go ....
HEY ... I want one of those!!!!
NO SHADOW! You can't have this toy!
Mom gave it to me!
Muffin approved!!!!!!!!
Don't worry -- I gave Shadow his own after I finished taking the pictures of Muff!


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