Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Work In Progress

I can't believe that I have been author(ing) for 5 years! The Life of Bud's 5th anniversary release date is in April. I really have come so far!  I have done over 300 events in that amount of time -- everything from being the Grand Marshall in my hometown's Easter parade, speaking at my grade school & being introduced by the Principal that was there when I went to school, to speaking at professional teacher conferences, conducting writing workshops at libraries, storytelling at the FW Nature Center and visiting many bookstores, coffee shops, and cafes! I've also been lucky to have gotten involved with pet rescue organizations with the help of MUFFIN. But my favorite thing is going to schools to read to children!
Landon H. who was in Kinder
 at my VERY first book signing ... it was a dream
come true! Smiles like this is why I write!



I'm so lucky to have the support of many of my high school friends and teachers and co-workers from Georgia, Massachusetts and now Texas! I also have been lucky to keep in touch with many of my past parents and now that some of my students are almost all GROWN UP ... it's great to hear from them every once in a while! Over 200 people came to the event - it was very overwhelming and a wonderful show of support - it was also Ashley's 16th birthday-which I am forever grateful she shared that day with Bud's first book event.

Debuting A Simpler Time at the Massachusetts Reading Association Conference was very special ... I had a hard time not breaking into tears reading my book for the first time to Ashley in front of 100+ other people -- many were FAMOUS authors--Jane Yolen was there! This was a very special moment for me.

Debut Reading -- Went Out To Get a Donut-Came Home With a Muffin to GEM pre-schoolers! By the end of the day, I could barely talk! But it was really worth it! The kids were wonderful and it was a great event.

BUT ... each event is a work in progress. I have had to make adjustments to my booth space over the years. I realized, aft the Funky Finds craft fair this past weekend, that I needed something behind my table to make it look "pretty" and eye catching .... the wall behind my table was just sheet metal ... and I'm NOT happy with the RED tablecloth anymore-too dark. I recently added the carpet, beanbag chairs, and table with coloring sheets - really makes it inviting .... but I needed something else!

SO ... I went shopping today with my creative crazy mind at work for an inexpensive backdrop .... please let me know what you think ....
I purchased a garment rack and 2 sheets (one for the rack and one for the table)
-- yes -- the sheet needs to be ironed!
I also purchased 2 of these wall art display holders
I will put colored copies of my book covers and
something that says Laura Eckroat - Children's Author
I can't wait to try this out at my next craft fair event ...

My journey as an author is a Work In Progress ...
THANK YOU to all who have supported and encouraged me for the first 5 years...
and I hope you will continue for many years to come ...
If you would like to me speak at your school, library, or event
please email me at