Saturday, October 19, 2013

Kicking off the Holidays ...

Woke up this morning and it was 43 degrees outside. For those of you that don't know ... that's perfect Christmas Shopping weather in Texas! So, we loaded up the car and headed to Saginaw H.S. for the Starstepper Craft Show. This show had 70+ vendors selling everything from cupcakes, soap, cotton candy, tutu's, jewelry, clothes, purses, and holiday items GALORE. This show kicks off the holiday season for me and it was a great day of selling books and the few other items I had at my table.

I met a little girl who was looking for items
for an auction that she will be having to help pay
for her Service Dog. She has diabetes and the dog will alert them day or night if her levels are ever to low. I donated to her cause and told her to contact me when her on-line auction is set -- I'll let you all know just in case there are items you may want to bid on!

My books are going to "the twinkies" who will be born in January,
a special education classroom, a little girl who is 4 and told me she ABSOLUTELY LOVES DOGS & BOOKS!, an artist, and a few grandchildren. I love hearing who will get my books and why.

I met many people and had a great day talking and sharing stories with the Holiday Shoppers!

I'm obsessed with TREES ....
And today I found my second piece of original artwork that I fell in love with.
I wanted to add it to my Christmas list, but Steven told me to just BUY IT!
The tree on the right is now mine!
Do you see the image in the tree?
I did forget to ask Dana what is the name of the piece, so I need to make sure to find that out!
If you'd like to check out other artwork by Dana Lynch (click below)
When Steven arrives at a craft show, you know it's almost over and time to pack up.
The Starstepper girls did not know what they were getting into!
They were there to help people carry things to their cars. They innocently asked Steven "Can we help you with anything?"
And Steven, being Steven said, "my sciatica is acting up!"
I burst out laughing, the ladies in the next booth burst out laughing, and the girls had a blank look!
(I took this picture right as Steven was answering them!)
At first, they did not know he was joking! Then - they got it! Men at craft shows!
YAY!! Cotton Candy!

How would I look with a PINK moustache & beard?

Please stop taking pictures so I can eat!!!!

YUM!!!! I watched people walking around eating cotton candy
all day long ... the booth was 3 away from me ... it was $1.00!
Thanks Saginaw H.S. for hosting another awesome
Holiday Craft Fair!
See you next year!

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