Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Interview with Stephen B. Bagley


1)  Can you tell us a little about yourself? 
Stephen B. Bagley
SBB:  I've published four books and one chapbook of poetry. I happily live in Oklahoma. I graduated from Oklahoma State University. I’m the president of my local writers group and a member of Oklahoma Writers Federation, Inc. I'm a professional writer. And I like ice cream and long walks on the beach with my loved one ... ah, no, not really. I'm diabetic so I rarely eat ice cream, and I've never taken a long walk on a beach with a loved one. How about this? I'm rarely serious unless I am.

2)  What is your favorite thing to write about?
SBB: Hard to say. I write mysteries, humor, poetry, nonfiction, inspirational fiction, and urban fantasy. I have many interests. I like reading mysteries, science fiction, fantasy, techno-thrillers, and nonfiction.

3)  You have published poetry. That is a different kind of writing. What inspires you to write poetry?
SBB: Poetry is my first love. I have poems from when I was eight years old. I love words and working with words. I've always believed – to quote Jean Kerr – that poetry is a shortcut to emotional truth, not the long way around.

4)  Where is the craziest place you were when you got a book idea in your head?
SBB: I can’t think of anywhere crazy. I’m a professional writer so I spend most of my time at my desk. And when I’m away from it, I try not to focus on my writing. Writing will consume me if I let it.

5)  Tell us about your newest book.
SBB: Just out are Tales from Bethlehem and Murder by the Acre (Second Edition). Tales is a novel that tells the interconnected stories of people who either were or could have been at the Nativity. MBTA(SE) is a re-release of an earlier publication with a better cover and minor content changes. It's the second book in the Measurements of Murder(™) series and is a traditional "cozy" mystery with -- I hope -- a good amount of humor and suspense. Even some romance.

6)  When writing a series, do you ever get lost as to what is going on with the characters?
SBB: Not really. When I’m in a book, I’m living in that world. So those people are real to me. Between books, yes, I lose track. I re-read the previous books before I start a new one in series, and I also have a character and plot bible where I track the people in the book.

7)  Do you enjoy writing Blog posts?
SBB: Sometimes. Depends on my mood. It’s a fine line between keeping in touch with my readers and giving enough time to my writing.

8) How can we purchase your books?
SBB: The books are all available on Amazon and other retailers and can also be ordered by your local bookstore if they don’t have them on their shelves, which is what I suggest. Buy local when you can. Readers can also visit my website and blog The Books of StephenBBagley. I have links to various retailers along with sample chapters.

9) What will your next book or series be about? 
SBB: In 2014, I should have three books: Murder by the Mile, the third book in the Measurements of Murder™ series; A Little Floozy, the second collection of my humor from various newspapers, magazines, and websites;  and Undying: Poems of Fantasy and Science Fiction, a book of themed poems. It's going to be a busy year, I hope.

10) Anything else you'd like to tell us?
SBB: I don’t think so. I appreciate Laura taking the time and sharing her blog with me!

You are VERY welcome Stephen! I have read three of Stephen's works - EndlesS, FLOOZY And Other Stories, and Tales From Bethlehem ... all are very different and WILL NOT disappoint! While reading FLOOZY I would bust out laughing! And Tales From Bethlehem was so entertaining I felt as if I was at the stable! I enjoyed the story of Jesus' birth from different perspectives ... loved it!

Thanks for taking the time to take over my BLOG!

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