Thursday, July 10, 2014

Back to my ROOTS

I truly enjoy every book event I attend -- Book Fairs, Craft Shows, and other Vendor Events ... but when I'm able to go to a school and read to the children ... I am truly in my element and absolutely have a wonderful time!

Kids trying to guess
What's In The Corner?
On Tuesday, July 8, I traveled to Little Elm, TX to visit my friend Robin Whitt's wonderful Montessori School -- Robin's Nest. She is a wonderful person and an awesome teacher! Her little fledglings are so well behaved and ask wonderful questions. I got to visit during Once Upon a Time week and the children were excited about reading and wanting to write their own stories! We had a great time singing BOTH Muffin books and they were able to tell me all about A Simpler Time, in which they had read the day before my visit!

I had some wonderful helpers to be parts of the story ... they loved pretending to be characters in the story! I left them with some blank flip story books and can't wait to see the stories they may have created throughout the week! Thank you Robin for allowing me to come visit!

My CAST of characters!!!!
What Is In The Corner?
To find out -- purchase the book What's In The Corner? A Muffin "Tail"
available at Amazon - What's In The Corner? 
Who ever thought I'd be "famous" at my Dentist's Office? Lake Country Dental, in Fort Worth, TX
now has copies of my books in their children's area ....
click on the link to learn more about Lake Country Dental and to see what they
had to say about me!
While on my vacation to Virginia Beach, VA to visit Ashley and Forrest, I received an email to be interviewed  by NWIndianaLife for a feature story in their A Northwest Indiana Life That Matters section. My friend from high school, Mike Bonaventura, had mentioned my name to them a while ago (which is super touching!!!) and they went ahead and interviewed me!
If you would like to read the story -- click on the following link
NW Indiana Life That Matters

This journey I am on as an author is truly ever changing.
I am truly blessed with the friendships I have made and
the children whose lives I have touched through story times and workshops ...
Thank you all for your support!

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