Sunday, July 13, 2014


Steven, Shadow, Ashley, Muffin & Forrest on the boardwalk
(Muffin checking to see if I am coming to the beach too!)
On June 28, we packed up the car and Muffin, Shadow, Steven, and I drove 1400 miles to Virginia Beach, VA to visit Ashley and Forrest. It was a great visit ... one of the fun things we did was to take the dogs to the beach ... our TEXAS born, rescued dogs got to dip their paws in the Atlantic Ocean!

They loved the beach -- Muffin had her puppy ears on the entire time and there was such JOY in their faces. We noticed Muffin putting her head INTO the wind and smiling! Shadow thought the SAND was something to EAT and roll around in! They had a FANTASTIC time!
Our tails made WEIRD shapes on the BEACH!
Kind of like divining rods point to the ocean!

Shadow "Is that the ocean? Bring it on!"
Muffin is getting a pep talk!

OKAY -- Muffin's  READY!!! You can tell by her EXCITED EARS!!!!!

NO WAY GUYS!!!!! That's scary!!!!

Okay -- it's not THAT bad!!!

Forrest is explaining that he's in the NAVY and the ocean
is SAFE!!!  lol!!!

YAY!!! Muffin got drenched by a WAVE!!!!!

Shadow was more interested in playing in the sand!

Muffin FOOT bombed our FAMILY FOOT picture!!!!
Me, Ashley, Steven, Muffin
and FORREST's Shadow
(Shadow is behind Muffin)
WEIRD picture - we gained one Shadow and lost a Shadow!
FYI ... we visited the Beach around 6pm ... the sand was NOT hot and the dogs had plenty of FRESH WATER to drink! We did not let them drink ocean water .... though we cannot be responsible for how much sand Shadow may have consumed rolling around!!!
We also asked permission to bring the dogs onto the beach ....
We had a GREAT time sharing our love of the BEACH with our PUPS!!!!

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