Friday, July 18, 2014

My view ...

“Thanks to the interstate highway system, it is now possible to travel from coast to coast without seeing anything.” – Charles Kuralt 

I beg to differ ... From Fort Worth to Virginia Beach through my eyes ....  Shadow wasn't so sure about going "on vacation" ... he sat this way just glaring at me for about the first hour of the trip.


While Steven was getting gas in Louisiana, I spotted this interesting sign ... This gas station is very proud to be serving food made my Chef John Shurley. I truly am not sure if I would purchase gumbo or etouffee from a gas station, sort of reminds me of the Gas Station Sushi Commercial. They are awfully proud that they now have pimento cheese! I'm hungry--but I think I'll pass

So, our first night in Pearl, MS and what are the odds that Steven goes to the vending machine and gets this Coke ..
It was very evident when we entered Georgia ... Unlike driving in Texas where you can see for what seems like hundreds of miles ... in Georgia you get a great view of beautiful trees! Really gorgeous, because many of them were bursting with flowers! The tree on the left looked like either half a heart or a dragon head .... I still can't decide!
These peaches also could have saved our lives! When we stopped for gas I saw a Peach stand on the side of the road .... I started CRAVING Georgia peaches and was actually texting Ashley and my sister Sue about wanting to get Steven to stop (but if you've ever traveled with Steven, you know that stopping means we LOSE time!)  When he got back in the car, I said "can we stop at that peach stand?"
To my surprise he said "sure!"  When we got back on the highway we found out that there was a bad car accident that happened a few miles up the road-- I'm glad we stopped for those peaches!!!
When we were in SOUTH CAROLINA ... I see -- off in the distance, what appears to be a gigantic peach ... I wonder why is there a gigantic peach in SC shouldn't that be in GA?  I'm impressed that I got this picture from my phone, traveling at 70 mph, from the passenger seat and it was on the left side of the car!
Little did I know -- when I came home I googled the GIANT PEACH WATER TOWER of Gaffney, SC and for all you House of Cards fans .... it truly does exist!!!
On ward to North Carolina (Virginia is really FAR from Fort Worth, TX!)
We stopped to walk the dogs and were at a beautiful rest area in North Carolina. Steven sat down at this picnic table and I said ... "what's on your back?" He replied "how the heck would I know!"
Well ... while we were walking around the pine trees (I was picking up pine cones for my Kindergarten class!) this little guy must have fallen onto Steven ... it is a gorgeous caterpillar!
I found a stick and he climbed on and we placed him back into a tree ... if anyone knows what kind of caterpillar he is -- please let me know!
VIRGINIA ... Finally ... and yes -- if you wondered
Brunswick County, VA is the home of
Even though I've lived many places and traveled through many towns ... I had never seen a Cotton Gin ...I've seen cotton out in fields, but not a cotton gin--I can't say that anymore ... I would have loved to go inside!
The Suffolk Cotton Gin

Look at all that COTTON!

There were mounds of white stuff ALL over the parking lot ... COTTON
I did grab a handful and brought it home!
One of the under water tunnels leading to Virginia Beach, VA
I've actually never been in one of these underwater tunnels either!
But the best part of the highway was what we saw at the end ....
Even MUFFIN was in awe of seeing Ashley!
So ... even though we travel on big interstate highways ... there are some really cool things to see in this great land of ours!

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