Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Back To School

waiting for the bus
As I look back at days gone by
It makes me realize time really does fly
One minute we're celebrating you coming to be
Next thing you know you're learning your ABC's

getting on the bus (dad followed it to school)
The first day of school was not hard for you
But I couldn't wait 'til the bell rang at 2
one day down - many more to go!
Each step you took brought you to today
And I'm very proud I  must say
Ashley's first BEST friend-Michael Grace
ready to go home!
It's not only the kids going back to school
Parents, hold dear those first day photos - because they are worth more than jewels!
Cherish each moment and each year of life
Forget all the times those kids gave you strife
The 2014 school year is about to start
Hold each and every moment in your heart
Happy Back To School 2014
can't wait to see all your photos!!!!!!!

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