Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The Life of Bud Lessons

I was going through some of my past workshop / book event folders and found some GREAT work from past Kindergarten students capturing many lessons that I'd like to share with you. 

The Life of BUD

If you are unfamiliar with my book, it teaches children about the life cycles and seasons as we follow BUD (who is the bud of an oak tree) through his life. He sees many amazing things, has wonderful memories, but in the end, is afraid to let go ...

I have done hundreds of workshops using The Life of BUD and here are some great ideas to use children's literature for teaching colors, print awareness, sequencing, seasons, writing and illustrating.

This lesson teaches children the colors of Autumn and print awareness (Upper and Lowercase letters)
After reading BUD, the children folded their paper to have four boxes.
Learning targets:  location words left / right / top / bottom
Sequencing - Spring - Summer - Fall/Autumn - Winter
Also reinforces Seasons of the Year
Children then illustrate from memory what trees look like during those seasons
A great quick assessment to know if children understand location words & seasons
My favorite lesson is a culminating lesson.
Children write their own story about BUD.
They may use ideas from the original story.
I want the children to write a "REAL" story -- non-fiction
Children use phonetic spelling and their sequencing diagram to help spell words.
Learning targets - non-fiction texts, sequencing, sentence structure, publishing a book.

I love how the SUN is so much bigger in the Summer picture.
Summer and Fall also only show the branch from the tree ... not the entire tree as in Spring.
I enjoy seeing what children come up with for their illustrations!

Differentiation -- if a child is having difficulty with sentence writing you can have some pre-made story sentence starters -- In the Spring, Bud ... ; In the Summer, Bud
These sentence starters can help spark some ideas for success!
If you have any questions, please feel free to leave comments here.
If you've used The Life of BUD for your own lessons and would like to share pictures of children's work or lesson ideas, you can also email me at
I would love to see what others have done with this book!

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