Sunday, June 22, 2014

Escargot ... OH NO!

I didn't wake up today thinking ... "I should do a blog post about snails!" Nope -- this one just came knocking on the front door ... well -- almost. I walked out of the house on this dreary, rainy, chilly, Sunday morning to find hundreds ... well not hundreds -- but LOTS of snails hanging out on the cut log right by my front porch.

I went to grab the camera and told Steven and he said "cool -- something for your to GOOGLE and learn about today!" He knows me too well!!!!

You truly NEVER know what you are going to see when you step outside each day!

I love how the wood looks in these pictures -- it had been raining so the reflection from the water makes interesting patterns on the cut log!
They like to eat fungi and algae, so I'm sure there is some growing on the old logs.
I thought this one was super cool -- he was really on the move (for a snail) and I thought his antennae looked cute! 
He may also be "going to the bathroom" in this shot!  lol!
If you look to the right on the stick, where it looks like the stick is chomping down,
 there is a BABY snail!
Well HELLO there! He is like - stop taking pictures of me--you're blinding me!
These two could possibly be mating - which involves some sort of
dart stabbing and doesn't sound very romantic. They fertilize their own eggs, which they bury under old logs and stones.
These are younger snails because their shells are more translucent ...
Pretty neat little creatures hanging outside today!
If you want to learn more about snails, click on the link below and find out ALL about SNAILS!

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