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In just a couple weeks I will have officially lived in Texas 4 years -- it is hard, sometimes, to make new friends. I recently got involved in Quarter Auctions and all of the vendors are wonderful to work with and I've met so many people ... but one in particular is pretty interesting! I would like you to meet a person who has a great sense of humor, is very charitable, and has a great heart! I'm honored to call him a friend -- MEET -- SHANE MILLER.

Tell us a little about yourself.

Hi!  My name is Shane Miller.  I was born in Fort Worth, Texas and went to Texas A&M University.  After graduating from college, I went to work in Moscow, Russia for a few years building the new American Embassy.  It was an incredible experience and I was able to travel to Spain, France, Italy, Austria, Germany, and Switzerland in my off time.  After returning to the states, I worked in several different industries, but I always found myself in a position making decent money, but with no place to advance.  I got married in 2005 and my wife, Kim, and I have a cockapoo, Mattie, and poodle, Chip.  We are also in the process of becoming foster parents as well with the hope of adopting and starting our family.
**I would love to find out more about your travels around the world! I'm sure you have some fascinating stories!!!!
How did you get involved in OHD and the GOLD sales?
As Facebook became more popular, I reconnected with several high school and college friends.  One of the friends I grew up with, Paul Mikel, had just started a company buying gold from people at In-Home parties.  The company was based in Florida, but expanding nationally, so I began working with Gold Rush America and doing gold parties here in Texas on a part-time basis.
It was very rewarding because we were able to give people money for all of their old, broken, tangled, or out of style jewelry they no longer wanted.  We pay quite well because we do not have the overhead costs that a pawn shop or We Buy Gold place has.  It was the best feeling to hear the stories of the ways the money they made was going to meet a specific need in their life.
Last summer, the owners of Gold Rush America started a new direct sales company called OHD.  The goal of this company was to build a team of people who worked together towards the common goal of being successful.  OHD was going to introduce different product lines as time passes so that we have something for everyone.  The owners of the company do not believe in taking people’s money upfront for a startup fee so it is free to join.  They also pay the consultants 50% commission off of their sales from the first day, which is double what most companies start at.

We are just now 10 months old and have already done over $1 million in sales and have four product lines.  We started with the Our Heart’s Desire customizable jewelry line where you get a locket and fill it with the charms that help tell your story.  Our second product line is the Desiderata natural Hair and Body Care.  It is made with coconut oil and is gluten-free and sulfate-free.  It has been wildly popular.  Our third product line is a repair kit to fix your broken iPhone screens called All Cracked Up.  Many people drop their phones and we are able to help them repair it inexpensively.  And our fourth product line is called InScents, which are various scents wax packs sold that you place in electric warmers which help your house smell good in a safe way.  These products begin shipping on June 17th but consultants can pre-order now.  And we have one more product line coming soon!
Anyone can visit my website at to see all of our various products and order directly from the site.  People may also sign up on my team from my site by clicking in Opportunity and Enroll Now – again it costs nothing to sign up and you get a free website for 30 days (costs $10/month after that)

How did you get involved in Quarter Auctions - How do they work?
In an effort to meet people and grow my business, I began doing Quarter Auctions a few years ago.  Quarter Auctions are incredible because they give vendors a platform to set up and sell their products, guests an opportunity to bid on great items for just a few quarters, and the charitable organization a way to raise money.

I schedule to have 15-20 vendors at the event.  They all pay $25 for their spot.  We invite the public (18 years and older) to come and tell them to bring a few rolls of quarter with them to bid on items.  Each guest buys a paddle for $2 and then goes and shop with all the vendors.  After 30 minutes, all guests are seated and the vendors come up one at a time and auction an item off for anywhere between 1-4 quarters.  If a vendor auctions off a $40 item and asks for 4 quarters, any guest who wants to try and win that prize puts in 4 quarters and raises their paddle.  I shake up the bucket of numbers I have which represent all the paddles purchased that night and draw a number.  If that person did bid, then they win the $40 for only $1 and they are HAPPY!!!  We do two rounds so each vendor auctions off two items.  At the end of the event, each vendor also gives a door prize.  So, if there are 20 vendors there, we will auction off 40 items and have 20 door prizes, so lots of people win.
Quarter Auction - They are so much fun!!!!

At the end of the night we add up all the money from the vendor’s booth fees, the paddle sales, and the 50/50 raffle sale and deduct for the room rental and we are left with the money we give to the charity for that month.  In 2013, I personally organized 38 Quarter Auctions and raised just over $30,000 for those charities.  In 2014, we have already raised over $10,000 as well.  I love these events because it is always fun to have the community come out and sponsor a local charity.
If you know of anyone who knows of a charitable organization who is looking to raise money or anyone who is looking to earn extra money by working with a direct sales company, have them contact me at or
Shane - Thanks so much for taking the time to tell us about your business and about all the work you do for charity! I am glad I have met you and thanks for letting me help raise money for some wonderful organizations!
The next Quarter Auction is Tuesday, June 17, at 6:30pm
Click on the LINK for more information

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