Monday, May 26, 2014

My love of NATURE

The weather was perfect this weekend for playing in the DIRT! Last year I didn't have to plant anything new in the front yard -- I just added some mulch and let nature do it's thing. But, this winter was harsh on lots of my plants -- the agave did not survive, neither did my lavender plant. Some of my perennials along the walk way did not make it either ... so, I needed to get working to spruce it up. I did not finish, but I hope I can work about an hour so after school this week to finish up.
Cleaning out the flower bed along the walkway.

All cleaned out and new plants planted.
Need to add the mulch to give the bed a POP of color!

The tiny green plants will spread out and get a little taller.
They are called Blue Daze - they have tiny blue flowers that will
bloom all summer long.
I added a trellis and am excited to see this Carolina Jessamine bloom!
I love the red mulch - it makes the green, greener and brings out
the red bricks in the house.

Taking a break -- drinking some Hibiscus Tea,
getting ready to rake out the front flower bed.

Man ... winter did it's toll -- many weeds and leaves!
The pic on the left shows all the junk I raked out of the bed.
The pic on the right shows the bed after I added some mulch.
I will add more to the other side this week.

Now this bed needs TONS of TLC!
The agave, lavender and a couple other perennials
perished during the really rough winter.
I'm in the process of pulling weeds and turning the soil.
Can't wait to finish this one!

You never know what you're going to find cleaning out
the flower beds! The white thing is the molted skin from a
snake!!!  How cool is that!!!!!!!
It was a little over a foot long!!
I truly love finding treasures in the garden!

I wore my crocs for planting and put these flip flops on to go back
into the house
WOW!!!  I got DIRTY!
 CALGON .... here I come!!!!!

More pics to come as the garden grows ....

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