Friday, May 23, 2014

Good Night

When we moved to Texas, we bought a new mattress and I loved it! After a couple years ... it seemed to be losing it's firmness! In the last 6 months my back has hurt so bad that there are times I didn't even want to sleep on the bed. Can't believe it only lasted 4 years -- it is lumpy and just not comfortable.

So on Mother's Day we went to the Sleep Number store to check it out! Well ... I really could have fallen asleep right there in the store. We ordered our bed about a week later and yesterday ... it was delivered.

I couldn't wait to get home today to help Steven put it together!!!

Foam inserts

A very important piece -- THE AIR!

Looking for the holes for the air pumps.

I was a little creeped out -- thought it looked like a coffin!

THE P5 ....

I love how the pillow top has the up & down
arrows like you're selecting your sleep number.
At the store the guy said I should be a 55/60
but I told him I liked it when it was up around 90
I'm going to try ...

I suppose I could have just slept on the floor!

ahhhhhh ... the cushy cover

Steven's a 30 ....
I can't wait to go to sleep tonight!!!

It was really easy to put together
So if you are considering a Sleep Number Bed
I would NOT pay the extra money to have them
put it together for you -- it took us about
30 - 45 minutes (that was with moving
the old mattress out)

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