Tuesday, June 17, 2014


"Each day, the summer sun was lower in the sky, Daisy felt that an important change was coming -- but what?"  Excerpt from DAISY - A Life Cycle Series
As you know, I love nature. It is always changing and beautiful to look at. Even the most powerful storms are fascinating to watch. When we plant seeds and watch them grow it is amazing at the transformation. Here are a few pictures from my ever-changing garden.

After the rain showers from last week, I found these small treasures -- both pictures are of mushrooms -- I did not plant them (of course) but they sprung up overnight! Which is really cool! They are both really beautiful ... but after the afternoon sun shone down on them ... they were gone ...

Almost every morning a NEW passion flower blooms!
I love all the colors and detail - the middle almost looks like a small sea creature!
I also love how flowers look when they have small droplets of rain clinging to them!
It looks so refreshing!
And I'm pleased to show you that I have Strawberries AND
sprouts have sprung up!  YAY!!!!!
I've gotten 4 strawberries off of this plant and they have been pretty sweet and tasty!
Every day is a new adventure 
 make sure

don't miss it's BEAUTY!

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