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What Authors Really Do When They Have a Few Days Off ...

Spring Break started for me on Saturday, March 9, 2013. The whole weekend was filled with a really fun book event. The Funky Finds Spring Fling Event is a great way to network, talk with author friends, meet new fans, and sell books. But, when the festivities were over, the real world sets back in. So what do authors do when they have some time off?

Well ... on Monday, the time change messed with me and so I got up a little later than I wanted to; which in reality I got up the same time I always do, the clock just begged to differ. But, Ashley and I were able to go pick up her car ... YAY! You may have seen on my FB post that about two weeks ago, she was in a car accident. Her car came back JUST LIKE NEW. Then, she and I went to Target to do some shopping. I also did some laundry and was able to hang it on the line, I love sunny, breeze dried clothes-one of those simple pleasures. 

Tuesday, I went to see Sally at Salon at Stone Cottage to get my hair cut and YES-highlighted--not sure what my real color is anymore! Next, I made a quick trip to Lowe's for this exciting new garden product-Scott's SNAP. I sometimes wish I lived on acres and acres of land so I could just do gardening ALL THE TIME. Another simple pleasure. I also purchased some more paint for the living room and picked out a pretty, peaceful color called Tranquility for the Master bedroom/bathroom. Of course, I'm still doing laundry and still hanging it outside. And a few hours of my day were spent writing, and Facebook(ing), and emailing, and marketing. That is something that I will never take a break from.
Wednesday, was supposed to be my 6th month visit to the Dentist to get my pearly whites cleaned! Unlike most people, I love going to the dentist--I love that spinning, fluoride cleaner thing; But had to cancel because allergies are making me breathe through my mouth. At 1:08pm CST, I got to see the white smoke coming out of the Vatican Chimney. I remember standing there a few years ago and marveled at all of the ancient buildings, traditions, cypress trees and just the beauty of ROME. 

After witnessing the new Pope, Muffin had her semi-annual appointment at the Vet; she got a couple shots and the Doc needed to check some tiny "hot spot" sores that popped up within the last couple of days. I'll keep you all updated on her. I can report that we received shampoo and spray to see if that will clear it up-may just be a simple skin rash. I also updated my blog and posted this post-YES, the one you are reading right now.
I Weigh WHAT!!??
Ouch, skin scrapings
                                  But, I love my doctor-he's nice!

Thursday, I will spend painting ... house painting for our house is definitely a work-in-progress ... but my family is patient with me as I work slowly from wall-to-wall-to-wall, it's fun to see the finished product! Living room will soon be complete and then onto the Master Bedroom-gives me a sense of accomplishment!
 That is the old red wall!
Friday will hold some surprises, and I hope you come back to see the adventure Ashley and I will be taking.

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