Thursday, March 21, 2013

LIFE's A PiCnIc?

but not for me ...

I can honestly say, I've never been on a picnic! Through years of dating, hanging with girl friends, and all of my fun adventures, I've never been on a picnic. For my wedding, I received a beautiful Longaberger picnic basket. It was full of plastic wear and a cute blanket and napkins. I've used all those things, usually out on my back deck, eating lunch or snacks. But, the picnic basket sits idle. The basket did accompany us to Ocean Beach in Connecticut once or twice but it held chips, lotion, and some sort of fruit ... but it's never seen a beautiful grassy meadow, or lounged under beautiful oaks or weeping willows, in some romantic getaway like in many a movie! Nope, the basket is tucked on a shelf in a closet, in my house.
Since Spring has Sprung, many of you will be going on picnics or have been on memorable picnics. SO ... here's my basket ... and here's your TASK(et) ... tell me what your most memorable picnic was, where you were, what you ate, how incredible it was! Comment here so I can dream about the perfect picnic I will someday go on! You can even send a picture to my email ..., and I may post some of my favorite picnic destinations from pictures sent in.
Someday ... my perfect picnic basket will go on the perfect picnic!

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