Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Can I Have Your Autograph?

When The Life of Bud was in publication, my husband said to me, "So what kind of pen are you going to use to autograph your book?" I hadn't thought about that! I didn't realize people would want me to sign their books! I told him I would just use some sort of pen, probably a regular ballpoint pen ... but I would definitely use black ink. But, that wasn't a good enough answer for him. He took it upon himself to research and talk to different PEN stores about different ink types and pen types, and figured out what kind of paper I'd be signing my name on. There are LOTS of options--who knew?

I received this beautiful pen from Steven right before my first book signing, and have used to it sign EVERY book ever since! It is from Levenger, and I use black gel ink; it dries quickly and writes smoothly. He even had it monogrammed with my initials. I love my Levenger Pen! 
While Went Out To Get a Donut ... was just about to release, I started panicking, wondering how Muffin could "pawtograph" the book. I thought making a rubber stamp of her paw would be cool, but I wanted something different, something that may not have been done before. I had a great picture of Muffin's profile and wondered if I could use that to make a rubber stamp. I googled (I absolutely LOVE Google ) Custom Rubber Stamps and popped up. So I checked them out. It was so easy! I downloaded the picture, played with sizing, added her name in many different text styles until I found one I thought Muffin would like, they digitized it, and TADA a rubber stamp with Muffin's face was born! Children love learning that Muffin is a REAL dog and that the stamp is a picture of her! What was absolutely amazing and why I would use this company again and why I am mentioning them is that the rubber stamp showed up in my mailbox about two days later! Talk about service -- I couldn't believe it came that quickly.


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