Sunday, June 21, 2015


After visiting Robin's Nest Montessori and debuting RED! I traveled to Richardson, TX, to the Richardson Public Library to talk about writing & Science Journaling to the kids in the Summer Reading Explorers Club. The children are entering 3rd, 4th, & 5th Grades. As the kids arrived, we talked about what they are looking forward to and their fears of their new grade. The 3rd graders are worried about a LOT of independent work and the amount of it ... 4th graders are anxious about the STAAR test and the 5th graders wish they were back in 4th!  But all couldn't wait to find out who their new teachers would be!
Just chilling with the kids before the program starts!
It was really fun to have a dialog with the kids and get to know them a little before the program started ...

Discussion about The Life of Bud
How long it took me to write, the importance of working with a wonderful illustrator and graphic designer, how to choose a cover design ... some of the events I've done since 2008.
 Talking to the kids about the importance of keeping a journal ...

It's really a lot of fun to talk to older kids about writing -- we had some great dialog and they asked some awesome questions!!!!!

  Reading - A Simpler Time
Kids asking and answering questions about the book!

 The importance of word choice
The kids WRITING!

 Making leaves with FACES .... unlike BUD!
Diane, the Children's Librarian and I listening to some of the wonderful quick writes the kids were able to do!!!!!
I had a wonderful time at the Richardson Public Library
Click the above link to check out the Explorers Club and other fabulous programs!
Thanks for having me!

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