Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Azle Main Street Arts Festival

A GREAT way to start my Summer ... if you missed it -- you need to check it out next summer ... Azle Main Street Arts Festival . The festival had Food, Music, Art, Authors & FUN!

This was my view from my table before the Festival started. I was very excited because RED debuted at this EVENT! One little girl who just graduated from Kindergarten on Friday wanted a Red book ... her mom said "are you sure?" and she said "YES! I want to have a book of Memories of things I learned in Kindergarten!" ... that made my day!  I am also deeply honored because a couple children with special needs wanted Muffin's first book; because of it's rhyming and repetitive verse! AND ... two school counselors now have a copy of The Life of Bud .... I love that my books are out there making memories!

I loved this piece ... A Venus Fly Trap ....

This painting of the Longhorn stared at me all weekend ...
I love it because it looks like a Photo ... but it is a painting.
Wish I could have afforded it ...

Art Work from some of the local students
and authors in the background!

I loved the simplicity and complexity of these mini watercolors!
AMERICAN IDOL top 12 Winner -- Trevor Douglas was one of the
featured Musicians!

He's a sweet kid .... I love that he LOVES Science too!
I had Trevor sign one of my RED Goes To Kindergarten bookmarks ...

Local Sculptors doing their thing ... they are so patient!

Working his magic -- doing symmetrical watercolors ... fun to watch! 
Had a great weekend at the Azle Main Street Arts Festival .... hope I'm invited back next year!


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