Monday, June 8, 2015

DEAR Texas Continued


Back on April 12 & 13, Texas Association of Authors proudly put together a wonderful State - Wide book event Drop Everything and Read Texas ... I was excited to be a part of this and traveled to San Marcos, TX on Sunday, April 12 and had an incredible book signing at the Half-Price Bookstore there.  But ... I was also honored to be able to do a Member Event at The Thinkery in Austin, TX on Monday, April 13.  If you have not been to The Thinkery -- it is a hands-on Science and Nature Center for children! There was so much going on that I wished I was 4 and could just join right in!!!!
When I arrived, the staff was incredibly friendly and immediately whisked me and all my book stuff to a place behind the counter and then showed me where story time would take place. They then told me to go EXPLORE!!!! 
A room with all kinds of gadgets for kids to try!

A GIANT Light Bright board ... how super cool is this!!!!!!!!!

This is GENIUS! A giant plexi-glass area where kids can use washable paint -- they give the kids smocks and paints and let them have at it! There is a gutter at the bottom of the glass on the other side and spray water bottles so you can spray and wipe off spots to paint!
Does anyone want to make me a smaller version for my classroom?????????

The Simple Machines wall ... I love the step ladder so kids can get to the different parts and really explore!

The water filtration area ... the water flows through the system if everyone is working the simple machines along the way!  They had little smocks for the kids to wear so they don't have to be soaked ... they also can take off their shoes ...
The Healthy Periodic Table ...
This area was a huge kitchen and kids were eating a healthy snack which included these LOVELY huge strawberries!!!! 
It was then time to set up and do my book reading.
They had wonderful little round cushions (FROM IKEA) for all the kids to sit on
If anyone wants to get those for my classroom ... that'd be great!
You can see the little girl getting her red cushion from the holder
This little guy was super duper cute!

I had about 30 kiddos for the book reading ...

They were so well-behaved and it was a great experience!!!!
The paper-mache elephant was behind me -- it was made from notes that kids from The Thinkery made ... very cool -- don't think I could tackle something this big in my room, but it'd be fun to try!
This place is incredible! 
If you live in the Austin, TX area, and you have children, it's a MUST see!!!
I have driven by the Collin Street Bakery many times on my way to countless events, so
since I had a little time on a Monday afternoon, I decided to stop in.

I didn't realize they are famous for fruitcake!
But, I decided to get some cookies and a latte!
All I can say is YUM!!!!!!!!!

DEAR Texas is planned for April 15 & 16, 2016 -- if you have a bookstore or are an organization that would like to host authors ... please let me know or you can contact Alan at or follow on FB Texas Association of Authors
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