Saturday, December 13, 2014

Greenhouse ...

A few months ago we finished building my brand new GREENHOUSE! I am so excited because it has an automatic vent that opens with the warmth of the sun -- it has a double door so the top of the door can be opened to let fresh air in. It also has gutters so I will buy a rain barrel in a few months so that when the Spring rains begin, I can save some water for use inside of the greenhouse. We added a WIFI thermometer so I can monitor the temperature in the greenhouse from inside the house -- it is currently 82 degrees inside of the greenhouse!  Here are some pictures of the greenhouse right after it was built.

An empty greenhouse -- still too HOT in Texas to put any plants inside.

A view from inside of the greenhouse.
It was about 120 degrees inside and about 95 outside!
This was back in September.
By the end of October,
I added shelves, indoor/outdoor carpet, a heater and of course PLANTS!

Japanese Cherry Blossom seeds ... we will see what happens!
Basil sprouts! I planted these as seeds the week of Thanksgiving.
I'm looking forward to giving friends and family fresh and dried basil next year!
Strawberry plants -- I got about 7 strawberries last June, hoping to get at least a dozen next summer!
Other plants in the greenhouse!

A prickly pear cutting ... if pieces fall off, I plant them in dirt and
they are pretty resilient and will root -- but need to be in a pot for about
a season before they are put into the ground ... I LOVE PRICKLY PEAR CACTUS!

Steven taking pictures of me taking pictures of plants in the greenhouse ...
As you all know -- I love nature and I hope you also enjoy seeing pictures of the wonders of life in my greenhouse!

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