Monday, December 15, 2014

R e s o l u t i o n ....


At this time of the year, we are inundated with articles about setting a New Year's Resolution. When I was younger, I had a hard time picking something and then sticking to it for the whole year. I always tried to have one that had a PURPOSE but nothing ever really seemed like I was making a difference. Giving up stuff also seemed not very meaningful to me -- I don't drink or smoke ... so I don't need to stop those. I could lose a few pounds ... but that doesn't seem like something I need to vow to do for the whole year.

A couple years ago, I began something a bit different. I sit back, read through some of my journal entries and decide what my purpose was for the next year. I do not call it my resolution any longer ... I am trying to figure out what is my purpose in life. I also decided that I have to check-in each month and see how I'm doing. As I reflect at the end of each month I'm able to adjust my "purpose", change direction if need be, and decide if what I'm working on is really working. I find that checking in on my "purpose" each month makes me more accountable. Am I smiling at people who look like they're having a tough day? Am I paying it forward?  Am I showing random acts of kindness?

Santa with the Toys for Tots gifts for 2015
Small tree on the bench in the breakfast nook.
As I looked through my journal this year, I noticed that there was a recurring theme: some children have LOTS of things, but there are still many children who will go without during the holidays and all through the year. Many of their parents are out of work, many are single parent families, some families are just down on their luck. I feel that I am very fortunate for all that I have and so I decided to attempt a year long "purpose" for 2015, and also work on some smaller, more personal, month long reflections.  I'm excited to say that my year long "purpose" will be collecting toys for the 2015 TOYS FOR TOTS program. Each week when I go shopping, I will pick up a toy or two that I will donate in 2015! I'm excited to finally have found a "purpose" that will fill my heart with joy each week when I go shopping!

I started my quest in the last week and already have two toys in my arsenal. I'm hoping to have between 70 - 100 items by the next holiday season.

Following are a few pictures of some of my holiday decorations this year ... I used to put up a LOT of decorations. I have uncomplicated my life for the holidays and just put up some of my favorite things and have gone smaller scale ...

Our front porch ... our squirrel is in honor of the squirrels that used to come to our porch in Massachusetts. One-Eye and White Ears were fixtures for years at our Marsden Street house.
We now have this little guy and a small tree.

Ashley made the snowman and I made the wreath!

Our small corner tree. I love this tree! Takes about 10 minutes to set up!

The two decorations on the left, Ashley made in grade school.
Another small lighted tree -- these decorations are on the alcove above the front door.
I love Christmas trees, so I think having many small ones around the house make me smile!


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