Friday, November 14, 2014

DAY 1 - Kentucky Book Fair

I have been trying to get to the Kentucky Book Fair for the past three years ... it just never worked out. I was grateful Connie Crowe has remembered me for all these years and this year was once again chosen to attend and ACTUALLY COULD! 

I left the C O L D of Fort Worth ... to arrive to the C O L D of Frankfurt, KY on Thursday, November 13. I was very fortunate and had the pleasure of being driven from Louisville to Frankfort by a LIMO! I told Dan that I'm a children's author and needed to take his picture so he could appear on my blog ... he had fun posing! We even took a selfie!!!!  THANKS DAN for being a good sport and Executive Car Service and Connie for setting it all up!!!

The drive from Louisville to Frankfort took about 50 minutes and I was hungry and tired ... I arrived at the Capital Plaza hotel and looked out my hotel window and saw the Capital Bldg. For those of you who have forgotten your U.S. capitals -- Frankfort is the Capital of Kentucky!!!

On Friday morning, I was getting ready when all of a sudden this L O U D alarm went off -- I thought it was just in my room, until this voice comes on the P.A. and says to evacuate using the stairwell!
LO and BEHOLD ... it was the fire alarm and yes ... the Firemen came to check it out!
 I met Knox and his mom Alecia in the restaurant on Thursday night .... he is from New York and she writes Young Adult books ... they were in the room across from me and Knox was a little nervous at first ... but in the stairwell I said ... THIS FIRE DRILL is KIND OF FUN!  and he said "YAY IT IS!"
And when he got to meet the FIREMAN he was really pretty happy!
After that minor setback, I went and finished getting ready, had breakfast and went off to the convention center!
My FB Friend from Ohio ... Aileen Stewart is at this event and it was great meeting her in person!
She has the FERN VALLEY SERIES . Super cute books for kids.
 No ... she's not posing for me!  lol!!!!!!   Yes she is!
Her next book will contain recipes too!  That will be a must have for me because Miss Aileen is always whipping stuff up that looks so delicious in FB posts!!!!!
The children have arrived!
The Kentucky Book Fair has a children's day and children from Frankfort and surrounding areas come on Field Trips to the convention center.
They hear authors talk, ask questions and buy books!

 One group of students came all the way from Louisville, KY.
The kids who read 10 or more books over the summer were rewarded with being able to come
to the Book Fair!  They were so excited to look at all the books!!!!!

Let's see what this book is about?
Trying to decide if she wants to use her KID money on a Muffin book!
 Two new little MUFFIN fans!
Miss Aileen gave me my own little mini loaf of
Butterscotch Oatmeal Zucchini Bread
If you are in the Frankfort, KY area, you have NOT missed the festival ... Come on out to the Frankfort Convention Center on Saturday, November 15 from 9am - 4pm
where the Kentucky Book Fair
will be open to the public!  There will be 150 authors there!
Stop by and say HI!!!!

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