Sunday, November 9, 2014


I spent almost 1 hour yesterday in my tomato garden (2 gargantuan plants) yesterday picking ________ tomatoes ....
While picking, my eyes were seeing RED and my mind was wandering!
I decided to do a CONTEST!!!!
In honor of my upcoming book -- RED Goes To Kindergarten, I've decided to give away
ONE book to the person who GUESSES the number of grape tomatoes in these two NORMAL sized colanders AND
ONE book to a person who comments about their FONDEST memories of Kindergarten
(RED Goes To Kindergarten release date -- Spring/Summer 2015)
You can guess the number and write a memory ....
You must comment here on my blog!
Winner will be chosen Tuesday, November 11 at 8:00 pm Central Time

And ... for your information .... some of these tomatoes are in the fridge and some are simmering on the stove for another batch of Laura's Homemade Sauce!  : )


  1. <y guess is 510. Well, I didn't go to Kindergarten. Where I lived back in the day, they didn't have Kindergarten. I went directly to 1st grade, but my favorite memory of that was Mrs. Bell who opened the world of reading and imagination to me. I'll never forget her.

  2. Wow! that is a lot of tomatoes. Possibly close to 200 or more. My guess is 194.

    My favorite memory from kindergarten? That's easy. The day our teacher read Paddington Bear to us and then we got to try orange marmelade on bread. I still love orange marmelade.

  3. My fondest memory of Kindergarten was the day we had a hat contest. My mom helped me make a hat out of paper plates and these little characters I saved out of cereal. I won first place :-D

  4. We didn't have to go to Kindergarten back in the day, but I went to one in the basement of a church. My best memory is when the class came out to my house for a field trip. My parents raised Appaloosa horses and I got to help show the kids our different horses.

  5. I think there are 607 tomatoes. I hope your sauce was great.

  6. PATTY W. won the closest TOMATO number ... there were 524 tomatoes .... her guess was 510
    and LISA won my random generator number pick for kinder memory!
    CONGRATS!!!!! you will both receive a copy of RED GOES TO KINDERGARTEN when it comes out .... please email me at with your addresses

  7. Patty and Lisa .... I hope you receive this message .... please email me your addresses so that I can send you a copy of RED Goes To Kindergarten .... you won it from this contest back in 2014!!!!!!!!! THANKS Laura oh -- email me at