Monday, November 18, 2013

Muffin's Shadow

I want to introduce you all to Muffin's SHADOW! Shadow is the newest addition to our family and was rescued from the Duck Team 6 Dallas rescue team ... Muffin and Shadow were very leery of each other Saturday and Sunday - but today something just clicked and they are now friends!  Here are a couple cute videos of them loosening up and having some fun with each other. I will post some pictures and Shadow updates and stories in the next few days ... but for now ... ENJOY the videos ...

In this first video, Shadow "stole" one of Muffin's treats. I think Muffin could have caught him, but he also is pretty smart - especially when he's outsmarting her around the plant ... or ... is she just being a good big sister and letting him keep the treat .... hmmmmmmmmm

Shadow "STOLE" Muffin's treat!

In this next video ... this is what happens when I am not home. Steven and Ashley had the roll of paper towels near (just in case) there was an accident. BUT, Shadow thinks it is much more fun to unroll the paper towels than use them to clean up accidents!

Muffin watching SHADOW being a PUP!

Hope you enjoy these!

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