Sunday, July 12, 2015


I was invited to the FIRST Chisholm Trail Arts Festival on Saturday, June 27 in Duncan, OK. Since we were not going on a vacation this year, Steven and I decided I should make a MINI weekend of it. I left for Lawton, OK on Friday, June 26 ... I was able to see the RED RIVER with water in it, which was really cool -- I was unable to get pictures because it started raining and on the way back there was no safe place to pull over ... so I was a little bummed about that! When I arrived in Lawton, I did a search of the BEST places to eat! I found this GEM of a place!  I had a cheeseburger, fries and a phenomenal chocolate malt ... It really was good eats! But, after that I went back to the hotel and started feeling guilty just sitting in my room -- went to the pool, but it was too crowded ... so I put on my sneakers and walked 2.5 miles on the treadmill!
That's better ... then went outside and read!
All set up

Debuting my sister's clay bowls!

RED was a HIT!

The lady next to be had really pretty, hand painted silk scarves
It's hard not to spend a LOT of money at these events!

yep -- a cowboy on STILTS!
 Some new readers!
Kids from the Chisholm Trail Theater Group -- MULAN!
After a long and fun day at the festival -- I headed back to Lawton and this place was right across the street from my hotel .... if you EVER have the chance to have pizza at this place YOU NEED TO!
You choose your crust ....
 And your toppings ....

They pop it into the oven and ....
VOILA!!!!  OMG ... crispy, hot, not greasy ... AWESOME!!!!!!!
YEP -- this happened -- I ate that much! It was about the size of a dinner plate 
 PERFECT size pizza-baked to PERFECTION!!!!!
This was tempting -- but I did not get any gelato!
I think cows are so incredibly cute ...
these cuties were enjoying a late afternoon soaking after all the rains we just had!


I just thought this was a very cool picture! With the way the sun was shining you could barely see the water and I loved the branch sticking out of the water!
I had a great time! Loved seeing great parts of mother nature, had some incredible food, and met some awesome people!
for inviting me!

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