Saturday, January 18, 2014


Well ... I've been 50 for a week now and I really haven't noticed any significant changes ... A few people do not believe I'm 50, some of my Kindergarteners think I'm 35 and some think I'm 89 (gotta love them!), some adults say I look about 42 (which is a weird number) but 42 is okay .... I also heard this week that all of us that were born in 1964 are the LAST of the Baby Boomers to turn 50 ... an end of an era ....

Carabba's - Fettucine Weesie!
Here are a few highlights of my first week in the 50's, I drank wine with my birthday dinner (the first time I've ever done that-REALLY!), I got two pairs of Tom's, had flowers delivered from Ashley, found my VERY FAVORITE POP-TARTS from when I was a kid at Wal-Mart-a FLAVOR FLASHBACK (see pic below), bought some things to help me reorganize my closet, went to Kirkland's Home (for the first time), came in 4th in a book contest, almost finished reorganizing my closet, actually had the GUTS to go into Ashley's room and began putting away some of her high school things that she wasn't able to take yet (and I only cried once!), did yoga 3 days this week (which is 3 more days than I did last week!), dressed as a Pirate (another first!), got a FABULOUS idea for an ADULT book and started working on it (get your mind out of the gutter - I meant it's NOT a children's book), and had a very productive meeting with a small business in The Colony, TX to do some creative writing / story time programs for them this Summer! All-in-all, my first week of 50 has been PRETTY GREAT!


And ... for all of my George Rogers Clark High School Classmates who have already joined and will be joining me in the Half-a-Century Club throughout this year ... I wish you all as much Happiness as I have found.

As we turn 50 ... I thought I'd share some things that have stood the test of time .... just like US!  And some fun facts that show JUST HOW TIMES HAVE CHANGED!!!

          1964                                                                  TODAY
          GALLON of GAS --  $0.25                               -- $3.15
          GALLON of MILK -- $1.06                              -- $2.89
          LOAF of BREAD -- $0.21                                -- $2.15

          FIRST CLASS STAMP -- $0.05                       --$0.46
          PAY PHONE -- $0.10                                       -- HUH? What's that!  lol!!

          TV SHOWS that began in 1964 -- Bewitched
                                                              -- Flipper
                                                              -- Adams Family
                                                              -- Man from U.N.C.L.E.
                                                              -- The Munsters
                                                              -- Gilligan's Island

         Hasbro introduces the G.I. Joe Doll

         Some STARS turning 50 this year .... Rob Lowe, Nicholas Cage, Matt Dillon, Melissa Gilbert, Sandra Bullock, Keanu Reeves, Kristy McNichol

AND ... my favorite breakfast treat -- POP TARTS are 50 years old this year!  I don't normally like the frosted kind, the only frosted one I eat is this one, Chocolate Vanilla Creme, and Kellogg's re-introduced it to 
celebrate their 50th Birthday!
YAY!!!!!  YUM!!!!!  LOVE THEM!!!!!  :)
They made this week even SWEET!



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