Saturday, September 21, 2013

Trinity GAP Pet Fair

Today - September 21, 2013, Muffin and I, packed up our gear and headed to Euless, TX to the Trinity GAP Club's Pet Fair ... last year it rained the entire event -- this year it was beautiful outside; a wonderful 80 degrees and sunny! Perfect Pet Fair weather!

Many vendors were present ... from the Girl Scouts booth that featured Glamour Shots with your pet, to other Rescue Clubs, to pet scarves and collars, microchipping (which Muffin experienced today!), vaccinations and the ever famous - Trinity Gap Garage Sale!

We met many, many people and Muffin was lucky enough to be petted by a little BOY who NEVER petted a dog before because he is scared of them! But his mom was watching Muffin's behavior and said she was impressed because she was so good with children and was so calm! I am proud that the first dog he ever petted was Muffin!
Muffin checking out the crowd!
Look in his little backpack!
It is his NEW PUPPY!!!!
How adorable is this!!!!!!!!!!!
The things you see at a PET FAIR!
Muffin looking super sweet!!!
My mom makes PUPPY quilts .... sold 4 of them today!
If you're interested in a puppy couch quilt ....
I love how well behaved Muffin is ....
she can stay on her blanket with many
distractions happening around her!!!!
She is a wonderful PUP!
This little guy got adopted
He is actually just flopped over sleeping!
So exhausted from looking cute all
morning that when they adopted him
Muffin and I
We had a wonderful day at the
Trinity GAP Pet Fair!
Please check out the TRINITY GAP CLUB on Facebook
if you are looking to adopt a pet and are located
in the Euless, TX area


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    1. It was! Muffin is well enough this year so she'll be coming to the Funky Finds event in November! Can't wait! See you soon!