Sunday, September 8, 2013

Gaining a son ...

OR ... Losing a daughter?

I hope I have not lost her - though sometimes now she seems a million miles away. It is very hard to wrap my head around the fact that she is 20, in college, and now married! All these things make me extremely happy, but why then do I long for the days of bringing her home from the hospital in a BLIZZARD in Denver, or pushing her in her Little Tykes car in Georgia, or watching her make her first SNOW BLOB in Massachusetts and seeing her face light up the first time she put on her very own pointe shoes and fighting with her while she was learning how to drive ... I'm happy and sad all at the same time -- it is really quite hard. All those memories ... it truly was A Simpler Time! But time marches on and I will have many new memories -- Texas Ashley memories and Ashley and Forrest memories -- wherever life may take them.

The first time I saw or heard about Forrest ... this is what I saw .... yes ... this is Forrest -- my new son-in-law! Forrest making a silly face for the camera - just like Ashley usually does! He appeared in Ashley's 100 days of moving photos on FB three years ago ... and they became fast friends. I heard Forrest this and Forrest that ... I figured they may be more than friends ... but she insisted they were friends. Muffin absolutely adores him ... and I know Forrest adores Muffin!

They became an official FB couple on October 31, 2010; they have been through good times and bad. They have had fights and have made up. They have been to proms and have done the BIG MUM exchange for the Boswell HS Homecoming ! (which really is a BIG DEAL in TEXAS!). They have supported each other through some tough family issues and have had to say good-bye to each other .... when she left for college and he left for Navy boot camp and then again a few days after they got married. They have laughed and cried together .... and they love each other unconditionally. They sometimes Facetime each other and don't say a word -- just knowing the other is there helps them be apart. They now will need to be supportive as each works towards a goal that will make them stronger as a couple -- she's a Sophomore studying Elementary Education at UNT and he's a Machinist Mate stationed on the USS Eisenhower in Virginia.

And now ... they have taken the next step in their lives .... They became husband and wife on August 14, 2013. So ... I have NOT lost a daughter -- I have gained a son and am very proud of both of them!

Opening a Wedding Card
Getting ready
on his iPhone ... a great moment!
 Exchanging Rings
I was so touched when Ashley came to me and asked if she could wear the dress I wore when Steven and I renewed our Wedding Vows. Ashley re-designed the dress, had it altered, and it looked gorgeous. She also wore my shoes that I wore when I got married ... I did not realize that those things meant a lot to Ashley ... one night I cried myself to sleep because I was so touched that she wanted to use these things on her special day. It really meant the world to me, more than she can even imagine. She also has my mom's wedding engagement ring along with a beautiful diamond band that Forrest picked out for her ... My mom was so happy that they could use it and feels that it will bring them MANY years of happiness!! It was great to get her blessing for the ring. I hated that it was sitting in my jewel box.
I love hand pictures
  they are exchanging rings

Me, Ashley, Forrest & Steven
This is one of my favorite pictures.
The restaurant was so festive and they look so
 Their rings
 Steven also designed her bouquet -- just as he did mine when we got
married -- he knows Ashley loves red/white roses and with the
blue ribbon - it was PERFECT!
The cake was designed by The Flour Shop Bakery
in Highland Village and was designed to match
her bouquet ... it was REALLY GOOD!
I hope they are this happy always!
They promised not to squish cake
especially so Forrest's Blues wouldn't get
icing on them
I remember his 18th birthday party
my HOUSE had ICING all over the place!
Husband and wife!
Taking some cake ... for their very short
Yes .... I started this post with a similar picture!
They are truly meant for each other
I love them both very much
Even though ... taking pictures of them is quite difficult at times.
Forrest & Ashley Joe Fowler
August 14, 2013


  1. This is such a great post. Love the photos, and the description of the kids. It makes me feel "old" to say "those kids" - was it really that long ago when we were in college, 20 years old? I am still melancholy from taking mine to UNT a few short weeks ago and I still expect her to walk in any second. I feel so selfish to be sad, but I really do miss the same things you mention sometimes - we held hands to cross the street, we practiced crossing the bars at the jungle gym (it's pretty hilarious watching your mom fall, ain't it). Did I ever show you the prom video we did in front of our green screen - this says it all about how loony they are, and how well Amanda and her bf Nick get along.
    Anyway, just wanted to mention (ramble?) that all I can do is hope for the best for her out there in a big world. I think you got a great son-in-law out of the deal and maybe soon...grandbabies!! :)

    1. Andi - I still wait to hear Ashley trudging up our staircase at night ... I think I always will. I miss her so much sometimes, so I know how much you are missing Amanda - thanks for sharing the video - priceless! I think if we weren't a little sad, something would be wrong. We love being MOMS! it's that simple!! The son-in-law is wonderful ... but for the grandbabies -- that is a WAYS OFF!!! A LONG WAYS OFF!!