Saturday, August 10, 2013

A HORSE - of course ...

Back in June, I entered a contest on Facebook -- one of many that I click on ... this one was sponsored by School Outfitters . It also wasn't just a contest where you clicked "like" and "share" - you had to write a response and email to them.

Q -
What's your favorite outdoor activity to do with your students/kids?
A -
My favorite outdoor activity to do with kids is observe nature! I love taking a nature walk and having the kids look for things ... sticks, rocks, leaves, flowers, acorns, cotton (from cottonwoods) ... any thing and everything. I give the kids a bag and we walk for about 30 - 45 minutes, when we come back to the classroom, they dump out their bags and make an entry in their science journal. They draw and write about what they collected (this is awesome to do in each season). We then we use the things they collected and they make a collage!
Lots of fun!!!!!  :)
I've done this with Kinder, Grade 3 and the children who come to the Fort Worth Nature Center when I volunteer for story time!
So that was it. I sent my reply away and on June 11th I received this email from a representative from School Outfitters--
"Congratulations! You were randomly chosen as our winner of the SportsPlay Pony Spring Rider playground toy giveaway on our School Outfitters Facebook page. All I need is an address you’d like this shipped to, and I’ll get it sent right out.
Thanks for being a part of our community on Facebook, and congrats again! We hope you and your kids enjoy the new playground toy and are having a great summer!
Thank you,

School Outfitters - Furnishing great places to learn"
And ... a few days ago -- the prize arrived! This is super cool - and I finally have my very own HORSE!! This horse is definitely heavy duty! The spring is gigantic and very heavy and the horse is most likely made from pig iron - she is very solid and it is super cool that it is a freestanding base, so we did not have to dig into our limestone laden backyard!
Meet my new horse!


 Ready to be put together
       Thank you Steven - this was not the easiest of tasks!
BUTTERCUP - I think that is the perfect name for this horse!

 Muffin now has something to guard in the backyard - she seems to like Buttercup!

Thank you School Outfitters & SportsPlay for this really cool prize!
Teachers - check out the School Outfitters web-site and Facebook page for awesome products!
We all love Buttercup and she will stay in our yard forever! 


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