Monday, May 20, 2013


By now you know that I am just amazed at all things NATURE! I love looking at everything - the sky is normally magnificant and truly unbelievable, but tonight it was really something else ... I looked outside my front window at about 8:30 and much to my amazement found this CREEPY, CRAZY LOOKING SKY! I hope you all enjoy these pictures ... only Mother Nature could give us colors and clouds like this! ENJOY ... and let me know what you think--was I crazy to be out there? Probably ... because there was lightning all around me! But, I could not resist!!

These were taken from 8:30pm until about 8:45pm CST right outside my front door - Fort Worth, TX


  1. Mostly you have pictures of something called Mammatus Clouds there. Wikipedia has a good write up and plenty of example photos of the more usual forms for them. Not all that rare, but certainly visual!

  2. yep ... they are not rare -- especially here in Texas ... just absolutely gorgeous and I love sharing my passion of nature with others ....and the colors were wonderful ...