Sunday, August 23, 2015

Muffin's Birthday!

5 years ago we went out on a Sunday morning to get a donut and we came home with
Muffin! She is the sweetest most loving dog we have ever had! Can't believe she is
A birthday SELFIE
Muffin sporting her B-day hat I made for her!
Not sure if she's impressed with my HAT making abilities!
Shadow actually WORE a hat this year ... but hats kept slipping off as they were waiting for the b-day treats!
Ice Cream flavored birthday cookies!
Wearing their HATS!!!!
and eating their cookies!
 Shadow waiting "patiently" for his puppy peanut butter cup
but Birthday Girl goes first!
Me and the B-day girl!

Present time!!!!
 The stare down with Muffin's new sock monkey ...
hey Shadow -- I'll look in here to see what mom got you
even though it's MY birthday!
 WHAT's in here? 
We BOTH have new SOCK MONKEY TOYS!!!!!!
And ... it's not a PUPPY PARTY until .....
Someone gets a bag STUCK on their HEAD!!!!!!!
Thanks HOLLYWOOD FEED for the B-day Cookies, Sock Monkeys,
If you're interested in ordering either of Muffin's children's books, email me at
and mention this BLOG POST and get both books for $5.00!

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