Sunday, August 30, 2015


A few weeks ago I posted about my beautiful Passion Flower lovingly giving it's life so that the Gulf Fritillary could live ... out of about 13 caterpillars I witnessed 5 butterflies emerge and fly away on their journey. A couple days after the last butterfly flew away, I took some coffee grounds and turned them into the soil ... I made sure to give EXTRA water to the plant AND .... yesterday I was truly amazed!  The plant is coming back and ... quickly!!!  These leaves were not there 3-4 days ago!  YAY!!!!!

The plant has a couple more months of outside time and then will find it's place in the greenhouse for some R&R over the winter!


Yesterday I drove up Jacksboro Highway to Azle, TX (about 15 minutes from my house) to RED's Burger House. What a great place to do a reading of Red Goes To Kindergarten! 

Terie Russell, the owner of Red's is a wonderful person and used to be a school teacher as well.  The restaurant is very inviting and when you walk in, the aroma of burgers is heavenly!  They have a great big room upstairs (where the big windows that look like EYES are) and it was a great space for children to hang out, talk and read!

I took the graph worksheet paper from my Red Goes To Kindergarten and blew it up, attached it to my easel and after we read the story, the kids fill in the graph with their favorite color!

This little girl was having a wonderful time!  She is four years old, can read and was doing lots of addition problems for me! She and I read the Muffin book and she was able to read almost the whole thing by herself!  She colored the picture for MUFFIN and wanted me to take it home to her!
This is why I LOVE DOING BOOK READINGS!!!!  The kids I meet make book events
I meant to take a picture of our food after the book event -- but I had a cheeseburger and fries!  It was soooooo good -- they toast and butter the buns and that always adds to the flavor! The tea was great and I had them add a bit of their homemade lemonade to my tea for a little kick!  YUM
If you're looking for a new burger place, check out Red's Burger House on Main Street in Azle, TX
Watch for news about Spring Break 2016 STAYcamp events at Red's!!
I am honored to be attending the Texas Word Wrangler Festival
Friday, September 11, 2015
Giddings Public Library
276 North Orange Street
Giddings, TX  78942
Saturday, September 19, 2015
Dinner & Silent Auction
The Sanctuary at Costa Grande
Tickets are $25.00 -- if you're interested in attending
contact the Friends of Port O'Connor by clicking on the above link
I am booking for Summer 2016 for daycares, schools, camps and libraries
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