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MEET - Patty Wiseman

Tell us about Patty
The Great Northwest was my home until I graduated high school. The beauty of the Seattle/Tacoma area is breathtaking, but the damp cold winters played havoc with my health. I opted for the steamy summers of Bartlesville, Oklahoma to begin college. Life eventually carried me to Marshall, Texas where I have enjoyed baking in the summer sun. LOL! I simply do not do cold well.

Luckily my husband is Texas born and bred, so we are here to stay! I raised my two sons here, embarked on a career as an administrative assistant to a financial advisor, but eventually retired to do what I truly love doing. Writing novels.
Since I took the plunge and stepped out into the ‘unknown’ I find myself with 3 books published in my series, several literary awards, and so many new friends and colleagues I can’t count them. What a blessing this journey has been!

Tell us about your books - the idea
The idea for the books began when I was a very small child hidden behind a staircase in the kitchen listening to my family talk about my grandmother and her extraordinary life, her arranged marriage, and her rebellious nature.
What you must know about me is that from a very early age, I loved to read anything I could get my hands on. I would lose myself in the stories, place myself in those settings, and enjoy the adventures as if I actually lived them myself, so it stands to reason that my grandmother’s stories about her life in the 1920’s remained filed away in my brain until I was grown. Of course, life obscured my objective to write them until my children were raised and I finally had the time.

Where do you get your inspiration to write?

I think I always had the inspiration from day one. Family life was chaotic with 3 siblings. I was the second of 4. I believe I felt a bit lost. My first grade teacher Mrs. Bell will always be given the credit for opening the world of books to me, weaving the magic, and encouraging me to write small poems and stories. I remember her vividly and truly believe she was my inspiration.

Have you had writer's block?
I never really experience writer’s block. What happens is I want the character or the story to go in a certain direction and when it doesn’t work; I almost fight to make it work.  Therein lies the block. When I finally let the character take over the writing, I eventually get to where I wanted to go. So after three books, I have learned to go with the flow!

Where did you get the idea for the titles?
My titles are An Unlikely Arrangement, An Unlikely Beginning, and An Unlikely Conclusion. The first book I had originally called ‘The Arrangement’, but decided to change it when I found another book of that title. I pondered this for a while and finally decided on An Unlikely Arrangement because an arranged marriage in that day was unusual and unlikely, but it did happen. Since it was a series, the other titles followed suit.

Who is your favorite character in your series?
Originally, I would have said Ruth Squire, the heroine. Peter Kirby is a close second though. But now, after all three books have been written and the characters really took off, I’d have to say Sarah O’Brien the maid. She is full of surprises and intrigue.  (I like Sarah O'Brien too!!)

Are you working on any other books?
I am! I’m working on a humorous romance set in contemporary time. I have a great story to tell here and wanted to try a new genre. This is the perfect opportunity.

Anything else you'd like to share with us

My books are clean romantic mysteries, based on a true story, and suitable for teen girls as well as grandmothers. They tell the story of a young woman coming of age in a time when choices were limited for women. They also show how a mother’s past almost derails the daughter’s future. These stories focus on several strong, independent women, women who overcome and conquer. What a time it must have been to live in the roaring twenties!
Patty's books are available at,, and her website Purchase Patty's books here!
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I have had the pleasure of being at many book events with Patty. Her writing is fantastic and I am lucky to have her as a friend, too! She is always willing to share new ideas and I have learned a lot from her. We also seem to laugh non-stop while sharing a booth and also sell a few books!
If you like, mystery, intrigue, and romance -- you will LOVE these books! 



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