Monday, December 9, 2013

ICE, ICE, Baby ....

I love living in Fort Worth, Texas. I sometimes miss the dramatic change of seasons that happen in some of the other places I have lived, but I really enjoy being able to wear flip-flops during the winter and being able to wear boots for fashion because I want to, not because I HAVE to!

The Veloster Raptor - looking a little COLD!
Last week on Wednesday and Thursday our Texas weather was beautiful, with 70 and 80 degree temperatures. Then Friday afternoon Mother Nature decided to show us that it is December and it WILL get cold and icy and snowy! It took me a little over 2 hours to get home on Friday which isn't that unusual, but this time it was treacherous and with each minute I was on the road, the roads and weather was getting worse. The last 5 miles of my trip home, I was on complete ICE ... I saw people stopping on the side of the road and some sliding off the side of the road ... I just kept thinking -- SLOW AND STEADY, SLOW AND STEADY and I made it!

My horsey -- brrrrrrr!!!
Two "snow" days and the weekend, have had us at home for 4 days. There's still ICE and SNOW out there, and the sun is not shining down on Texas ... so I'm not sure how long this white stuff will be sticking around.  I decided to share some pictures from our deep freeze ... I know it doesn't look like much -- but ICE and SNOW in Texas isn't a good mix.

"Muffin, what's this white stuff?"
One of my agave ...
at the end of this post you'll see what happened to this plant!
Two dogs trying to find the ground!
One of my prickly pear cactus.
Where the spines come out are droplets of water that froze.
It looks like tiny crystals -- very pretty--hope the prickly pears survive!
Shadow thought Sock Monkey needed to come outside to play!
I don't think Sock Monkey was too happy!
Playing in the snow is FUN!
Muffin, come get me!
We must work together to SAVE the toys!!!  PULL, PULL!!!!
Yes - that is one of my pots from the greenhouse - I wonder
who dragged that out into the yard!  hmmmmmmmmm
Marineway Drive ... This is Day 2, but it is now Day 4
and it still looks like this!
Our trip to Target for groceries -- ICE! ICE! and more ICE!
The beauty of nature .....
the story of the agave continued ....
The ice stuck to each agave leave and as the leave hibernated ....
the ice "leaf" stayed in tact!

The plant in ICE! If the sun would have been shining on it
it would have been gorgeous!
But this is so cool!!!!

My agave - after the ice attached to the "leaves"

Frozen agave ...
It's WINTER ... so a little snow and ice is not that shocking! Steven and I even
had a snow ball fight yesterday - which was lots of fun.
And ... the icy snow crystals were really quite tasty - they would have made a great snow cone.
Soon I will be wearing flip-flops again ... and soon, it will be 100+ degrees outside ...
That's what happens when the SEASONs change!
So embrace nature and see the beauty and wonder when it's HOT and when it's NOT.
I hope you are all warm and toasty and stay SAFE!
Share your SNOWY, ICY pictures with me at
tell me where you are and I will try and do a post about the beauty of Winter
around the country!

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