Tuesday, April 9, 2013

"Tail" of a Sick Puppy - Update

This infection is really being STUBBORN ... Anti-fungal creams just seem to sit there, the shampoo -- the doc has decided for us to give up on ... but we are still doing Sulfonated Lyme 2-3 times a week intensive and then every day using a small batch and blasting the affected areas with a cotton ball soaked in the stuff! Here is a picture of Muffin from about 5 days ago.

This was me 5 days ago - my head was red and raw.
I wanted to scratch soooooooo bad, but I have been a good
girl and not done so.
The lyme makes me feel better and after my treatment I
usually am exhausted and sleep!
I visited the vet today with Muffin and we definitely see some progress-though we still have WEEKS to go to make her completely better -- starting a new round of oral meds and since the blasting with cotton balls seems to really have been helping, I'm going to make sure to continue to do that.

Here is a picture of me today! The vet says I'm healing!
No new breakouts and the old ones seem to be going away!
The white is the lyme ... hope my fur grows back.
If you have had any luck with any treatments, please feel free to comment here or email me at thelifeofbud@aol.com  .  I have read about apple cider vinegar, vinegar, bleach, vicks vaporub, garlic, lemon juice ... so many home remedies. I wondered if trying any on the in between days would be fruitful. Good news ... We believe she is getting better ... My sick puppy "tail" is one that I am saddened to have to write!

I can't wait until I feel better and want to play with sock monkey again!

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