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A SIMPLER TIME - A story of love ...

My 2nd book, A Simpler Time, tells the tales of A.J. (my daughter, Ashley) and her mom (me) doing things that kids and parents might not do together anymore: catching fireflies, watching the clouds, searching for 4-leaf clovers, and a few other surprises. Mom takes A.J. away from her electronics and introduces her to the world around her. A.J. started her formative years in Georgia, but was born in Colorado. Our house was situated on a half acre, at the end of a cul-de-sac, and across the street were woods and a creek. It was the perfect place to see and experience nature. I'm always amazed when I do presentations at elementary schools, many kids have not had any of these experiences. I only hope that I spark an interest in some kids to enjoy the beauty and wonder of nature!

Ashley & I at Mass Reading Assoc
Conf-June, 2010
I was very lucky to debut A Simpler Time at the Massachusetts Reading Association Conference in 2010, where I was a presenter and then participated in the Author's Dessert Event. A.J. (Ashley) was able to be there with me, and I got to read the story at the Dessert Event to Ashley, other authors, and teachers ... a very special moment and memory! 

We've been lucky to have lived in many places and have seen many really interesting things! A Simpler Time could have taken place anywhere. If we had stayed in Colorado (where A.J. was born) I'm sure we would have hiked in Rocky Mountain National Park and marveled at the geological majesty that is the Rockies, examined snowflakes closely, and watched the aspens show their golden color in the Fall. If she had grown up in Texas, I'm sure we would have watched in wonder while Prickly Pear cactus begin popping out new leaves that look like they are some creature that should be living in the sea, and stare up at the BIG SKY and watch the horizon as an impending storm approaches. Experiences that kids all over the country can have each and every day!
One of our Prickly Pear Cactus
Fort Worth, TX - Spring, 2013

Ted Kerasote and I
Book People Bookstore, Austin, TX
 A Simpler Time was also endorsed by one of my favorite authors--Ted Kerasote--        
Check out Ted's books and accomplishments at his website. I was honored to meet him at an event in Austin where I presented a copy of A Simpler Time to him and he signed a copy of his new book at the time, PUKKA, for me and also signed a copy of A Simpler Time for me as a keepsake! I could not believe he took the time to read my manuscript, offer editing suggestions, and in the end, endorse it!  
A sequel to A Simpler Time is just about set to be sent to the Publisher ... You and Your Child will follow A.J. as she makes a big move from Georgia to Massachusetts. She leaves her friends behind, makes new friends, and discovers the changes of the seasons. Watch for it in 2014!
Ashley's first snowman EVER ...
Springfield, MA - Winter, 2001
If you are looking for a wonderful Mother / Child book - A Simpler Time will deliver. This book also teaches children to use nature to write creatively. Each day, you step out of your house, the world is different; the sky, the grass, the trees, the insects-everything is constantly changing-making each day new and unique-what better way to gain ideas to write stories!

Teachers--if you are looking for someone to come and present to your school or classroom, please contact me to book an event. I will talk to your students about creative writing, the book writing process, illustrations and starting a Science Journal. If you book an event, you will receive 2 free ebooks for your classroom! Contact me at
A Simpler Time Presentation
Boaz Elementary School
Boaz, AL

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