Thursday, December 8, 2016

Oh the weather outside ...


On Sunday, December 4, Monroe, WI received it's first substantial snowfall ... Everything looked absolutely gorgeous and Muffin & Shadow enjoyed playing in the snow.  ENJOY the pictures from the GREAT WHITE NORTH!

My new star .... I LOVE IT!!!!!

Not a creature was stirring ... only Steven & I on a way to a book event!
6:00 am at the ECKROAT's ...

Pretty SNOWY out!

So pretty ...

The best way to drive in a snowstorm -- follow a PLOW!
SHADOW ... in the SNOW ... in his COAT ...

We're trying to pose for mom but want to go play!


Loving the snow!
THE HORSE!!!  Yes -- it made the trip to WI ... it's Santa Hat is covered in snow!

MEGA Snowblower!
Go BIG!!!  We learned that from Massachusetts!
This ain't our first RODEO -- or SNOWFALL!

Where's DAD???

There he is!!!

Our quaint neighborhood ... loving MONROE!

Just thought this was pretty!

OMG ... SANTA hanging from the roof!!!!  YIKES!!!!!  I think he's a bit early!
Merry Christmas to ALL!!!
Hope you enjoyed pictures from our first WISCONSIN snowfall!

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